How Do I Put A Live Wallpaper On My Computer?-Detailed Guides

Images that can move are no longer new to technology users. Such images make the interface of the device more lively than static photos. However, many users have asked us the question: “How do I put a live wallpaper on my computer?”. Therefore, in today’s article, we will instruct you on implementing this application in detail. Let’s get started! 

What Is Live Wallpaper? 

Live wallpaper is a desktop application that allows users to see images with movement. By inputting files in different formats like an emulator, video, HTML, and GIF, users can transfer them into eye-catching photos. 

Besides the positive features of the interface, there is a drawback of this which is a high resource requirement. If your computer is not powerful enough, it will struggle to play these background images. 

Live wallpaper is set up for Windows 10 

How Do I Put A Live Wallpaper On My Computer-Detailed Guides

For the animated background to run on your computer, you will have to go through a few steps. Below is the instruction; let’s have a closer look at it! 

#Step 1

First, press on the Start to open the Windows Menu. It is normally on the left side of your keyboard. Choose the Microsoft Store. In case you can’t find this software, type it in the search bar.  

#Step 2

Next, if you already have an account, then just sign in. Otherwise, register with your email and password. This step will require a bit of time. 

#Step 3

Search for Desktop moving Wallpaper. Be noted that it assists WMV files only; therefore, you will have to convert files into this format. We suggest you utilize VLC for this process. Also, you can try Wallpaper Engine and Deskscapes as you can download animated themes for free from them. 

#Step 4

Now, click on the Get button to have the program downloaded. Select the Install button to set it up. Short scenic videos are the perfect option for animated backgrounds, and you can get them easily from the Internet.

#Step 5

Run the application by clicking on the icon on your desktop screen. Head to the Home button to see the whole interface of the program. On the right corner of the application, there is Browse Folder, where you can choose a favorite video to set it up as background. All you have to do is click on the files that you like, and don’t forget to hit the Ok button to save the changes. 

In case you want to add more video files to this folder, select the icon 

(↻). This button will not only help to refresh the folder but also to update it. 

How To Set A Live Wallpaper On A Android Phone 

Unfortunately, Android devices don’t provide moving images of the wallpaper themselves. Therefore, to have this live background, you will have to use a third-party application. There are suppliers for this software in Google Play, like GIF Live Wallpaper, KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker, Walloop’s Live Wallpapers. 

How do I put a live wallpaper on my computer
Changing Wallpaper on Android phone 

It is easy to apply live wallpaper on your phone. To do so, there are steps you must follow: 

  • 1. Download the third-party application of live wallpaper.
  • 2. Next, open the program before heading to the Gallery. Here, click on the video that you want to make your live background. 
  • 3. Select the settings that you would want your live wallpaper to have. Mind the option Play Audio as it will spend a lot of battery later on. The Play Video Screen allows the wallpaper to open while another application is launching. The loop option makes your video play continuously. 
  • 4. After getting done with your desired settings, it’s time for you to choose Set Live Wallpaper. There are many applications of Live wallpapers for customers to select from, and they offer the same working regime. We suggest you experience a few of them and choose the program that you like the most. 

Two examples of phone backgrounds you can apply are Muzei and Forest Live Wallpaper. Whereas Muzei Live Wallpaper takes you to the world of beautiful art, Forest Live Wallpaper brings us the green and cool air feeling of the forest backgrounds. 

The Bottom Line! 

Many people use these images as a way to express themselves to others. If your friends still struggle with the question: “How do I put a live wallpaper on my computer?” we advise you to share this article with them. In case you have any related questions, leave us a message! Have a great time reading! 

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