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How To Set GIF Wallpaper Windows 10?

Do you need to make your background desktop more lively? Let’s read this article below because we will recommend ways to set GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Are you fed up with simple and boring desktop wallpapers? You want to replace them with GIFs, videos, or animations to make them lively every time you turn on your device. 

In this article below, we will recommend some easy-to-follow methods to set GIF wallpaper Windows 10. Let’s read on!

How To Set GIF Wallpaper Windows 10 

How to set GIF as wallpaper on Windows 10? You can use BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator software or Stardock DeskScapes. Below, we will show you detailed instructions of both these tools to set GIF desktop background Windows 10.

Method 1: Use BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator 

BioniX is regarded as the most commonly used and basic tool to set GIF as wallpaper Windows 10. This free software owns up to 250 unique highlights to help you add several other enhancements to your computer screen in addition to setting GIF images or AVI backgrounds. So, how to set GIF as wallpaper Windows 10 via this app? Follow these steps below to have a sparkling desktop background.

#Step 1: Download and install BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator on your computer. After finishing the installation process, double-click on the BioniX executable catalog and select the folder to save this tool. 

Download link: here

#Step 2: Go to File Explorer to open the folder containing BioniX software. Here you can see a collection of different files. Let’s select the VideoWallpaper option by double-clicking on it. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Open BioniX

#Step 3: When the BioniX interface appears, let’s look at the Video Wallpaper section. Then, you will discover the Folder segment, and you have to scan the catalog where you locate your GIF background. After selecting the desired folder, BioniX will automatically recommend all files.

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Use BioniX

#Step 4: Pick the GIF you like most from the suggested list of the files. Next, tap on Start, and the lively GIF wallpaper Windows 10 will be set on your desktop.

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Set GIF wallpaper

Method 2: Use Plastuer

Besides BioniX, you can use Plastuer to create your animated background. However, this tool is not free like BioniX and has no free trial, so you must pay fees if you want to possess it. 

How to set a GIF as a wallpaper by using Plastuer? Let us show you via simple and straightforward steps. 

#Step 1: Download Plastuer from any browser. Before installing, you have to unzip its package and then tap on the icon of the software. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10


#Step 2: Open Plastuer and choose a monitor from the detected list. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Select a monitor

#Step 3: Windows 10 GIF wallpaper can be set in these ways, as shown below. 

  • Insert the valid URL containing GIF source in the empty box to select any animated GIF you prefer.
  • Insert many URLs after selecting the Create Playlist section. 
  • Choose the Select File title to select the GIF available on your computer.
  • Click on the Browse Gallery to choose GIF on the Internet. 
GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Set GIF wallpaper

#Step 4: Hit the Save button to complete the process. 

Note: In case you don’t want to use that GIF, click on the Disable Wallpaper section. 

How To Install Various GIF Pictures As Desktop Wallpaper Windows 10?  

How to make a GIF your wallpaper from various images? The instructions will be revealed below.

#Step 1: Start the downloading process of the BioniX Desktop Background Switcher. Then install it on your device.

#Step 2: Launch BioniX, then click on the BioniXWallpaper section. A welcoming announcement will pop up immediately; let’s tap on the OK button. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Open BioniX

#Step 3: When its Settings box appears, you have to select the title: Simplified interface and tap on the OK button. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Set GIF wallpaper

#Step 4: Add several images to the list by clicking on the add files symbol under the Playlist section, then select the GIFs you need to set a desktop background. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Set GIF wallpaper

#Step 5: In the heading: Change wallpaper every, hit the Play button to automatically change the desktop GIF background Windows 10. To preview your wallpaper, click on the image on the right side of the window.

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Set multiple GIFs

#Step 6: If you want a full-screen GIF wallpaper, move to Settings, select Animation, and choose Magnification. In this box, click on the Full-screen magnification option, as illustrated below. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Full-screen wallpaper

How To Switch Video Into GIF? 

In case you prefer a scene of a video, how to change it into GIF? Here is the answer.

#Step 1: Download Free Video to GIF converter software.

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Free Video to GIF converter

#Step 2: In the Browse Video, choose the video that you fancy converting. Make customizations in the Extract Frames window and select the Next option. 

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Convert video into GIF

#Step 3: If you want to remove the GIF frame, select Frame #1 and click on Remove. Under the Color Matching and Play Speed tab, select the Normal Quality, Smaller File Size, and Same as source video option corresponding. 

#Step 4: Hit the Make GIF button to turn video into GIF, and you can set it as your background for your computer.

GIF wallpaper Windows 10

Convert video into GIF

Wrapping Up

We have recommended some ways to set GIF Wallpaper Windows 10. They may be lengthy, but effective and practical methods you can find nowhere. Besides, extra manipulations related to this topic, such as converting videos into GIF wallpaper, are also solved. 

We hope that you can create an impressive and attractive GIF background for your computer with these helpful techniques.

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