• Restart Print Spooler Windows 10 – A Straightforward Way
    Searching for an easy-to-understand method to restart print spooler windows 10? This post shows several methods you can follow and remember easily!  Printing demands in the office are always high, but the printing issues that follow seem to be an inseparable part of the task. Fortunately, the solutions to this problem are more often than […]
  • IMAP Vs POP – Which Should You Use?
    You may have heard or even used them, but would you recognize the differences between IMAP Vs POP? Let’s dig into our post for the best comparison. Today’s information era requires everyone to adapt to advanced applications and technologies. We are no longer sending and receiving mail through homing pigeons. Instead, it’s the electronic mail […]
  • How to Fix Windows Media Player Not Working
    As Windows users, we probably have trouble with Windows Media Player not working at least once or twice. Let’s dive into this post to seek the best solutions. Thanks to the significantly increased demand for entertainment, Windows Media Player (WMP) has become viral. However, WMP ‘s users frequently get into trouble with Windows Media Player […]
  • How To Fix The Middle Mouse Button Not Working?
    You find out your middle mouse button not working, but you have no clue why and what to do about it. Don’t worry! This article is all you need. Check it out now! Whether you are a gamer, an officer, or a student, broken mouse buttons can create a lot of tension. However, the error is […]
  • Best Ways To Fix Miracast Available With HDCP Issues
    Having trouble because “Miracast Available with hdcp” but not working on your Windows while mirroring your screen? Click to see effective solutions now!  Miracast is the wireless technology that allows you to cast your personal devices’ screen to TVs, projectors, etc. In short, you can understand this as HDMI through Wi-Fi. The standard has recently […]

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