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How To Make Moving Wallpaper For PC-Guiding Tips

Wondering how to make moving wallpaper for PC? This is a should-read article for you with guiding tips on how to do it. Let’s scroll down to read! 

Setting up wallpaper on the desktop background is a habit of many computer users. Besides boring static photos, some images are very eye-catching with impressive movement. We call them moving images. The question is how to set these pictures on your desktop background?  In today’s article, we will give you tips on making moving wallpaper for PC in detail. So let’s scroll down to read!   

Moving Wallpaper 

As the name sounds, a moving wallpaper is an image that presents in the form of animation. If the static photos look quite boring, these moving images seem more lovely and lively. It can even portrait the characteristics of the characters within the image. Moving Wallpapers are divided into many categories; each group includes images with similar features, such as nature, pets, coffee, family, etc. 

moving wallpaper for PC
Moving wallpapers are beautiful and lively. 

How To Make Moving Wallpaper For PC-Guiding Tips

In this part, let’s open up to you guiding tips to get a moving background on Windows 10 and how to set it up. 

How Do You Get A Moving Background On Windows 10?

The following method will allow you to get a moving background on Windows 10. Each method has its features, so let’s have a closer look at them one by one! 

Wallpaper Engine 

Windows 10 is known to be less difficult to customize than its previous version. Therefore, besides wallpapers that are synchronized with the user’s Microsoft account, you will have to use an extra tool like this Wallpaper Engine if you want to add more themes. 

moving wallpaper for PC
Users can use Wallpaper Engine to create moving images 

This tool is simple to use. To make moving images, materials that can be applied for this program are AVI, M4V, WMV, WebM, MP4, and MOV. All you have to do is run this software and simply choose from your library the item you like the most and set it as your background. The settings dialog within the system tray can help you edit various elements. 

The great feature about this application is it can run on low-resource devices in advance. However, we still suggest users utilize this tool on a powerful computer. 

Stardock DeskScapes 10 

Another solution that can help you to set up moving wallpaper is Stardock DeskScapes. This program offers users 30-day trials to experience the app for just 7,99 dollars. 

With this version, you will have to register by your email address first. Once you get this process done, just run the program! There you will see a bunch of beautiful photos. Choose one of the features like color, effect settings to add to the image. Don’t forget to press the Apply button to utilize the feature. 

Interestingly, another version of Stardock DeskScapes that costs 29,99 dollars can give you further experience with new setting tools such as replacing the Start menu. 

PUSH Video Wallpaper 

Push Video Wallpaper is an alternative to moving wallpaper apps for computers. It approaches customers with two options: free trial and paid versions. 

With the help of this program, users can create a playlist of videos to expose their background. This list will be played in order, as you set it up before. Thus, if there is a clip you quite like, let this solution make your lovely desktop wallpaper!   


This is a premium application that can help create animated backgrounds for your desktop. All you have to prepare is an image or a lovely GIF file. Then, this tool can put a movement effect on the image to make it look more real. With the GIF file, you can choose to use just a part of it or the whole picture. 


Our last suggestion today is to use the Plastuer program to make a GIF into your computer wallpaper. 

First, you will have to download the GIF file onto your computer and copy the URL of the file before launching Plastuer. Then, paste the URL in the required field. After that, choose the file from your desktop before selecting the Save option. To test the running of the file, press Display before saving it again. 

You also can check the Plastuer library to choose the GIF materials instead of downloading them from the internet. And from our experience, this program is quite suitable for anyone who wants to make a change to their desktop background. 

Setting Up The Moving Wallpaper 

Before installing a moving wallpaper for your PC, there are things that you need to pay attention to: 

Checking Your Operating System 

Knowing about the operating system before installing animated wallpaper is very important. Check whether the system you are using is Windows 10. Also, the RAM and HD graphics must be qualified, and make sure the processor must be Intel i3 or equivalent. 

Choose The Favorite Wallpaper 

When it comes to choosing wallpaper, people tend to select the one that can portray their characters or hobbies. If you are an introverted person, you might be more inclined to take photos of nature and quiet objects. Meanwhile, extroverted people may be more interested in images that are funny and colorful. 


To set up the moving wall, apply one of the mentioned tools we gave you in the last part. With paid programs, use the trial version first to see if it is suitable with your operating system! 

The Bottom Line! 

Using moving wallpaper for PC seems to become an upward trend in our daily life. It is a likely way for people to express themselves with others. We hope that this article has given you an overview of animated wallpaper and how to set a GIF, video as your desktop background in a cool way. If there is any question about this topic, don’t hesitate to leave us a message. Good luck! 

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