Tricks To Fix Error: Javafx Runtime Components Are Missing, And Are Required To Run This Application

In the world of modern technology, there are always going to be errors. And in the world of Java development, one of the most common errors is  “Error: Javafx runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application.” 

However, this error does not have to be a cause for panic. You can use several tricks to fix it. In this article today, we’ll explore some of those tricks.

Why Did This Error Happen?

JavaFX is a platform for creating and delivering rich Internet applications (RIAs). It is based on Java SE, with a range of additional libraries for advanced graphics and multimedia processing. 

JavaFX provides a comprehensive set of graphics and media APIs that enable developers to create sophisticated user interfaces and powerful media-rich applications. It also includes support for desktop deployment and integration with existing desktop technologies.

When attempting to run a JavaFX project, you may encounter this message. 

Here it is

Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing and are required to run this application. 

This error can occur even if you have installed the JavaFX runtime components. The reason for this problem is that the JavaFX runtime components are not included in the default installation of JDK 8.

 The JavaFX runtime components are essential to run applications using the JavaFX Scene Builder to create user interfaces.

Wonderful Tips To Solve The Error

This section will provide the guideline that you can apply to solve the above problem. You don’t need to prepare anything, just follow what we instruct. 

First, going to File is the most critical step. Next, choose the Project Structure option. Now, choose modules. Tap Dependency to the left to open it. Now, on the left side of the window, click +. 

You can specify the location where you’ve unpacked JavaFX’s “lib” directory by clicking the “+” button. You can change the name to JavaFX by double-clicking on the line, which is the default.

After that, choose Run. Edit configurations, if you’d like. –module-path /path/to/JavaFX/lib –add-modules=javafx.controls should be added to VM Options. Remember to set SDK. 


JavaFX runtime components are not required to run this application. However, without the JavaFX runtime components, certain features of this application may not function as intended. 

If you experience any issues such as “Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application” while running the application, please ensure that you have installed the JavaFX Runtime and installed all of its dependencies. 

You can also follow the steps mentioned in this blog post to fix this error. Thanks for your reading!

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