Answer: How To Downgrade Python Version From 3.10 To 3.9

If upgrading the python version becomes too easy with download and update steps, lowering the version is always a problem for many people. We received a series of questions and requests for help with the “How to downgrade python version from 3.10 to 3.9” issue.

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The Most Effective Method Of Downgrading Version 

Downgrading the python 3.10 version to 3.9 is not too difficult, but it will bring a lot of trouble if you do it wrong. To downgrade, all you need to do is use a virtual environment so that you can easily access a specific python version.

Next, you only need to select your computer version and follow the detailed instructions below to downgrade quickly. Read on below!

Method 1 – Solution For Windows

You are currently using a version of windows, then follow these detailed instructions:

  1. Enter pip install virtualenv at the command prompt
  2. Install the Python version you want
  3. Then enter this into your command prompt: virtualenv \path\to\env -p \path\to\python_install.exe, where \path\to\python_install.exe, indicate you where are your python version and \path\to\env it shows the path where your virtual environment is going to be.
  4. Activate the virtual environment located inside \path\to\env\Scripts\activate.bat. 

Method 2 – How To Do For Brew Users

For brew users who want to downgrade to 3.9, they need to use the software package management system “Homebrew”. This package will make it easy to implement and reach a specific python version. Immediately refer to the following instructions: 

$ brew unlink python
$ brew install --ignore-dependencies
$ brew switch python 3.9

Method 3 – For Linux Users

Follow these steps if you are a Linux user:
  1. Download the python version you want (e.g., 3.9) from the official python website
  2. Install it as a normal package
  3. Run code cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version
  4. Check installed python versions via Is enumeration
  5. Run sudo rm -rf 3.9 and delete the Python version 3.9 that you want to remove
  6. Check python3 -v, and it will show the version you want to install 

Method 4 – For macOS Users

You must use “pyenv” with “Homebrew” to downgrade the macOS version. Follow these steps:

brew update

Install pyenv 

brew install pyenv
After that, install python 3.9
pyenv install 3.9

After the above process, you need to set the environment “PYENV_VERSION” to the version of python you desire to use (example 3.9):

pyenv shell 3.9

Method 5 – For Anaconda

The following simple commands will help you downgrade the version quickly:

conda install python=3.9

Run this command to switch back to Python 3.9

conda install python=3.10


All problems and difficulties about “How to downgrade python version from 3.10 to 3.9” are answered in the most detail above. You can easily choose the appropriate methods for your current version type to downgrade python to 3.9.

If you need more help with python, feel free to leave a question in the discussion!

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