Why Can’t I Find The ‘sass’ Module In Reactjs?

This tutorial will assist you in resolving this bug “Cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs”. Do not be afraid to spend your valuable time learning with us.

Introduction “Can’t I Find The ‘sass’ Module In Reactjs”

We were running one react app a few days ago, but it couldn’t find its sass module, and we were getting the error “Cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs” 

So, after some research, we will be here to clarify to programmers possible solutions. Without further ado, let us begin this article to resolve this error.

How Will It Be Resolved?

The basic rule is to install the sass module for this plugin globally. As of now, node-sass can be deprecated! LibSass and Node Sass are no longer supported. 

Since they would keep receiving maintenance releases indefinitely, there are no plans to create new features and support for new Sass or CSS features. Your projects that continue to use them should migrate to Dart Sass.

To resolve this fundamental mistake, carefully follow the steps below.

First and foremost, you must use this plugin to vigorously clear the cache: “npm cache clear –force”.

Next, you must now run the command “npm install sass” to install the sass module. 

Or you can type “npm i -g sass” and even “npm i sass –save-dev”.

Very easy, isn’t it? Your error will now be corrected.


You are writing one react application and trying to dockerize it. But after doing this, it still does not compile correctly. In other words, your app cannot find the module “sass”, and you have to face the above error.

We hope our solution can support you to accomplish your task easily. If you have other methods to address this issue “Cannot find module ‘sass’ in reactjs“, please do not hesitate to leave your stuff in the Comments section. We would definitely answer you as soon as possible.

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