How Can We Solve The Error: ImportError: No Module Named Matplotlib.pyplot?

You performed your code when the following error occurred: “ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

Therefore, after some investigation, we will explain viable solutions to programmers. Without further hesitation, let us get started on resolving this mistake.

Under what circumstances will the ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot error occur?

You are attempting to load matplotlib.pyplot, and you are getting the following error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 3, in <module>
  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

How Is It Going to Be Resolved?

What you should do here is install matplotlib. When installing matplotlib, just run the following pip command: pip install matplotlib. Your mistake should now be corrected. You may also utilize matplotlib.pyplot in the code by importing it. 

Second, run the following command when running Python 2. x or Linux: Sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib. When running Anaconda3, execute the following command: conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib.

Let’s look at the steps in more detail through the six methods below.

Method 1

The first method is for those using Linux or Python 2.x. The simple step is to add the following line:
sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

Method 2

We will add the following line for more advanced versions like Python 3.x. It’s almost the same as the solution mentioned above, just adding the number 3 in the middle.

sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib

Method 3

So what if I’m using Anaconda3? It is also very simple by adding this syntax.
conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib

Method 4

The next approach we want to talk about is the addition of matplotlib.

To get matplotlib, run the pip command. Your mistake will now be corrected. You may also utilize matplotlib.pyplot in the code by importing it. Here is the part you need to add:

pip install matplotlib

Method 5

Some programmers use a different way through the following two steps.

First, they would type:

python3 -m pip install matplotlib

Then they add this line:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Method 6

The last way is to reinstall matplotlib in your code.

First and foremost, uninstall matplotlib with:

pip uninstall matplotlib

Then you can add matplotlib with your desired software version. 

If it’s Python 2, then you use this snippet: 

python2 -m pip install matplotlib

What about the more advanced version? It’s very simple, and you need to change the number 2 to number 3.


In general, this error: “ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot” is not too difficult to resolve. 

We trust that our solution will assist you in completing your assignment quickly. Hopefully, you can create even more amazing intellectual products with Python.

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