Three Simple Solutions For “Vscode: The Python Path In Your Debug Configuration Is Invalid” Error?

When we attempt to run the project, we may receive the following message: “VSCode: The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid

Python is frequently used for website or software development, data visualization, analysis, and task automation. It is used by numerous non-programmers, such as scientists and accountants, for a range of common activities, such as financial organization, due to its ease of learning.

The above common error that every coder may face in this famous software. So, what produces it, and how does it get resolved? Remember to read to the finish line for a complete solution.

Why Does The “VSCode: The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid” Error Occur?

You are attempting to debug a basic Python application by pressing “F5” and “Run with debugger.” When you use your Python extension and hit F5, one pop-up displays in its bottom right that says, “The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid.” 

VSCode: The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid

Which Are Fundamental Approaches?

In general, we can fix this in a few simple ways. To begin, open the Command Palette. Our other procedure ensures that you have supplied the appropriate Python path.

We will better grasp the previous responses by using the simple instances below.

Method 1

Vscode cannot locate any Python path, and it has not yet been established.

As a result, open a command palette (You can do this by pressing ctrl+shift+P), input python, and then seek “Python:Select Interpreter.” You would be requested to create the Python installation path.

Suppose you are utilizing the virtual environment, which is most of the time the case. Please search for the path.venv/Script/python, or choose the python route where you installed it on the local system.

Method 2

You can add the Python path based on the two following cases.

In the first case, you need to follow two steps.

  1. Choose File – Preferences – Settings
  2. Select “Open Settings (JSON)” from the drop-down menu. Ensure python.exe is at the bottom of this entry.
"python.pythonPath": "C:\\Users\\<your_user_name>\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python38\\python.exe

In the second case, you might try something similar, but point it to the location of your Python application on your machine.

    "python.pythonPath": "C:\\Python36\\python.exe"


We are glad you enjoyed our solutions for fixing “VSCode: The Python path in your debug settings is invalid” useful. That’s not a big deal, but you can still always discover the best answer to the problem and repair it quickly.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the feedback area below to know which technique worked well for you. Thank you very much!

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