Two Simple Methods For The Error: You Need To Enable Javascript To Run This App In Reactjs

When you perform the npm command, you will see the error details: You Need To Enable Javascript To Run This App In Reactjs. To run your app with reactJS, you must enable JavaScript. So we’re going to go over all of the different answers here.

Hence, after some investigation, we’ll be interested in providing viable solutions to coders. Now, let us get started on resolving this mistake.

You Need To Enable Javascript To Run This App In Reactjs

When Does This Issue Occur?

You’re a newbie to reactjs, aren’t you? You’re developing an app. This was working properly until you run the npm run construct command. Furthermore, you confirmed that javascript is allowed in the browser by starting the Laravel project and trying multiple browsers.

How Will “You Need To Enable Javascript To Run This App In Reactjs” Be Resolved?

To run your application in reactJS Errors, you must enable JavaScript. Another way is to include a proxy in a browser package.json file. Our port number is 5000, and the port number must be different. Let’s read some examples below.

Method 1

You may add or update the following in the package.json and index.js files.

"homepage": "."
app.use(express.static(__dirname)); //here is important thing - no static directory, because all static :)

app.get("/*", function(req, res) {
  res.sendFile(path.join(__dirname, "index.html"));

Method 2

In a second way, you use the following code:

"proxy": "http://localhost:5000"

Method 3

You are very surprised, right? The article does not stop here. We will give you the final solution.

The most apparent option is to see if your browser has Javascript enabled. And besides, that is what the warning message attempts to tell us. There are some steps to activate Javascript in almost all popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 

In general, that’s the simplest answer, yet it is rarely the most effective. We usually keep Javascript activated by default since most websites use it.


You Need To Enable Javascript To Run This App In Reactjs, which is a typical mistake for Reactive applications. And, at times, it may also be perplexing.

We discussed the causes for it in this essay. To run that app problem in any React app, you must allow Javascript. We also gave some ways for dealing with this problem.

When you encounter this problem again, you should understand exactly what to do to handle it. As well as how to resolve this issue in the React project.

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