The ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “torch” in python

The ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “torch” appears in multiple conversations, and we’ve tried some solutions to solve it. Let’s do a troubleshooting process, then utilize the offered answers in the article below.

How Does The ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “torch” Problem Occur?

We are using python, and an error appears, as demonstrated below.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “torch.”

How To Fix The Problem?

Consider using pip to run Pytorch. First and foremost, set up conda, then run the code conda create -n env_pytorch python=3.6. After that, activate the environment using conda activate env_pytorch. As a result, We

The Solutions

Solution 1

As per instructions, we installed Anaconda with suitable settings for the first solution. After that, install PyTorch from the terminal. Use pip to run PyTorch. Set up a conda environment. Execute the command below to do it.

conda create -n env_pytorch python=3.6.”

Then, activate it with this code.

“conda activate env_pytorch.”

Now use pip to run PyTorch. The command is as below. The torch will be installed as a result of this.

“pip install torchvision”.

Solution 2

You should set the Python virtual environment with equal or higher than 3.5. For this solution, the same start, develop Conda environment. Use the code below.

conda create –name learnpytorch python=3.5.”

Then, install PyTorch in the activated Conda environment, as follows.

conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch.”

You should ensure that you use this environment to run the installed code. Conda will publish specific environment variables. Therefore it is crucial to type them correctly. You can now operate it without making any mistakes.


After going through the solutions for ModuleNotFoundError: No module named “torch”, we hope you will find the solution that best suits your problem. Please type your ideas and concerns in the conversations section to connect with our community.

Lastly, please send us your best answers to help our article better support you. Thank you!

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