Quick Resolve “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’”

Code is not as easy as expected, so you will easily encounter error warnings at any time. Many people working on Python code complain and wonder that they are getting the “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’” warning when trying to import “mysql.connector”.

If this is also happening to you, don’t worry because the fastest solution will be right in the information below. Continue reading!

How Did This Error Happen? 

Almost everyone who implements mysql.connector easily encounters the error “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’”, but they are confused and look for a solution right away. This option is not the best because you do not understand the source of the problem.

Before proceeding to the solution step, you need to determine how they will happen. The error just mentioned will be displayed as follows: 

Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<pyshell#8>", line 1, in <module>
       import mysql.connector
ImportError: No module named 'mysql'

What Is The Fastest Way To Solve The “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’” Error?

Solving the error warning “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’” is no longer difficult because we have detailed and specific instructions from us. Specifically, you only need to establish mysql-connector with this command, and after that, you can import “mysql.connector”.

Fixing the error is quite simple because only valid command lines are needed, but not all versions can use the same line of code. Before finding or fixing errors, you need to know which version of Python you are using.

Refer to the solution for Python 2.X and Python 3 specifically below! 

Solution 1 – Please Start Installing “mysql-connector”

Everything seems to be simpler when you only need to install “mysql-connector” with this command, and next, you can import “mysql-connector”. 

As mentioned, each version will have its methods. For Python 3, please immediately refer to the following command and run:

pip3 install mysql-connector
In case you use Python 2.X, please refer to the following command line: 
pip install mysql-connector

Solution 2 – Proceed To Install “mysql-connector-python-rf”

With this second solution, you solely need to do a simple installation from the cli.

pip3 install mysql-connector-python-rf

After that, continue typing this line

import mysql.connector


Through all the quick solutions above, you can confidently resolve the “ImportError: No module named ‘mysql’” error if it appears. Please make a note or save our information so you can easily find these great tips quickly when needed!

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