How to fix the problem about getElementById in React

While you work with a functioning system, it is not different to encounter errors. A collected record of common windows issues and solutions is practical for you when it runs into an error. In this post, we recommend common error codes and provide a quick and effective approach to fix common Windows errors. Now let’s examine the error about getElementById in React and helpful advice for solving this problem here.

What is getElementById in react?

In React we have a concept of Refs which is equivalent to a document. getElementById() in Javascript. Refs support a way to access DOM nodes or React elements built in the render method. 

When you try to find the element hence, the The DOM is stowing. This can be null after loading this package. You may be getting this error because you are trying to access that element before it has been created. It has been returned to the render method of the component. The first time that method is run, that element doesn’t yet exist. You shouldn’t be trying to manipulate the DOM while operating React. React manages that. React keeps track of changes to the DOM so it knows when and how to update – it can’t do that if you are back channel manipulating the DOM.

The error is being got: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of null

The command appears as:


componentWillMount: function(){
        var name = document.getElementById('name').value;

How to fix the getElementById in React?

Firstly, you may add the function in the componentDidMount lifecycle. This is considered as function when loading the DOM. To access the DOM essential feature, the command for this issue is run refs.

For further information on how the DOM element in React be accessed here?


With our effective method above, you can identify the cause of the “getElementById in React” error and how to solve this problem. You would be confident to deal with if these similar errors occur. I appreciate your comment for us if you cannot fix it. Follow us in the coming articles to learn about the code issue. Thank you for reading our message and see you in the next lesson.

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