The Best Tips For Resolving The “ImportError: No module named pandas” Error

Errors are always a factor that causes a lot of fear for users because they always hinder our working process. Regarding this issue, we received a help question about the “ImportError: No module named pandas” error during code import.

If you want to discover the solution for this type of error, then immediately refer to our most specific tips in the following section!

How Does The “ImportError: No module named pandas” Error Type Occur?

You need to determine the display content of the error type if you want to best fix it. Specifically, before starting the troubleshooting process, you should determine what this type of error will display and what problems they refer to.

For error types during “import pandas” will have error content displayed with the following information:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 3, in <module>
    import pandas
ImportError: No module named pandas

How To Best Solve This Kind Of Error?

Many users rush to solve the error, but their implementation is sometimes ineffective. In python, every little mistake you make causes an error warning. Sometimes you will notice many similar errors, but they are completely different.

To help you fix the error that says “no module named pandas”, we have prepared the most detailed instructions in the following section. Remember to check and follow carefully because the content will be divided into four main sections.

Explore in detail right here! 

Solution 1 – Install Wheel

Since Pandas are distributed through pip as wheels, you need to install a wheel to use it. Immediately follow the instructions below to be able to install the wheel: 

pip install wheel

After that, install pandas with this command:

pip install pandas

And now you can “import pandas” and use them.

import pandas as pd
Solution 2 – For Python 3.X

This 2nd solution will be for those using python 3.X version. The fix in this version is also very simple because you need to run the commands below in your ubuntu system. First of all, you must establish the wheel with the following command: 

sudo python3 -m pip install wheel

And then “install pandas”

sudo python3 -m pip install pandas
Solution 3 – For Python 2.X

Similar to solution 2, in this solution, you also need to install wheel first and run up for ubuntu system, specifically:

sudo python -m pip install wheel

And then “install pandas”

sudo python -m pip install pandas
Solution 4 – For Windows Users

This command below can be used if you are using Windows.

python -m pip install wheel

And then

python -m pip install pandas


The information and solutions provided above will help you fix the “ImportError: No module named pandas” error best. Please select each solution suitable for your python version type to get the best results.

If you have any other problems or questions, don’t forget to express them in the comments section below!

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