Resolve ERROR: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

Here we were trying to develop a program that downloads video clips from youtube URLs, and we are doing so with the help of the youtube-dl module. However, when we tried the code, we got the following ERROR: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data in python. 

So here, we’ll talk about how to solve this problem.

How Does The Problem Occur?

We noticed that because it couldn’t discover any video information. It helps when updating youtube-dl. But depending on how you downloaded it, different types of commands are followed.

ERROR: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

How To Solve The ERROR: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data Problem?

As previously stated, to fix the error, run several commands to upgrade youtube-dl. Next, enter pip install -U youtube-dl when you’re using pip. If you’re using macOS, then do brew update youtube-dl. Execute choco update youtube-dl if you’re running Chocolatey. 

In addition, when you’re using Ubuntu, execute the code Sudo apt purge or Sudo pip3 install with youtube-dl phrase to get started. Let’s go through the solution for a better view!

The Solution

Here we divide the solution to distinguish the command based on the module you are using. The similarity is that the solutions all start with updating youtube-dl. For running pip, we use this command.

“pip install -U youtube-dl.”

When you’re running macOS, apply this code.

“brew upgrade youtube-dl.”

About Chocolatey, use the command below.

“choco upgrade youtube-dl”

And lastly, run the following command when you’re running Ubuntu.

“sudo apt purge youtube-dl 
sudo pip3 install youtube-dl.”


We hope you enjoyed our blog about resolving ERROR: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data. If you’re experiencing this error, don’t worry! It’s a simple fix! The solution is simple: upgrade the youtube-dl. 

And depending on the module you use, change the code to best suit your problem. We hope you were able to find the error you were having and that you were able to resolve it. 

If you could not find the error being discussed in the post, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team so that we can help you resolve the issue! Please leave your ideas and questions in the comments section below and know which approach worked best for you. Thank you!

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