Error Conda: Command Not Found

We attempted to execute the conda command but received the error “conda: command not found”. Because of that, we will explain our solutions here in this article.

What Is The Answer To The Problem?

Upload the directory on the PATH environment setting. Try adding specific commands or ensuring you know which station you’re using.

How to fix the Error Conda: Command Not Found

Here are five different solutions

Solution 1

Include the conda directories to the environment setting zsh shell PATH. Run this order to add the PATH environment variable.

“export PATH=“/anaconda3/bin” :$PATH”

Then run this phrase to see if PATH has been added or not.

“conda – – version”

Solution 2

Ensure you’re using the correct terminal. Whether you have put in the interface and utilized it in bash, you guarantee a not found message.

Try typing “bash” in the console to enter bash mode, then the conda version command.

Solution 3

Add this line to the “.bashrc” or “.zshrc” file.

“export PATH=“/anaconda3/bin” :$PATH”

Solution 4

Run this command if you updated to the MacOS and are still experiencing the problem.

curl -L -o cpr && chmod +x cpr./cpr rehome ~/anaconda3”

then “source ~/anaconda3/bin/activate”

and “conda init zsh.”

Solution 5

Run this code only.

“source ~/ .bashrc”


Are our solutions on conda: command not found helpful to you? Please leave your ideas and questions in the comments section below to know which best suits you.

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