Eight Modern Games with Gay Characters

Since queer folk started to play a more prominent role in today’s society, reflecting their views and stances on life was going to find its way to the media – first it was the cinematography and TV, games followed soon and introduced inclusivity into its stories.

New Inclusivity Trends in Video Games: LGBT Characters and Character Arcs

Yes, modern games often include romance! Some RPGs and other genres allow you to meet, talk and enjoy going out with the game’s characters. Some gay guys might be inspired to come out of the closet by taking the best videogame characters as an example, and here they may take their search for a partner from a scripted simulation to a real world. Online dating is a perfect follow-up to a gaming love story because it introduces all the same elements to the world of romance – get to know a person over text and calls, say the right lines, and after doing a few quests, you can be a model couple! But what characters should you take as an inspiration for dating?

Notable Gay Characters in Modern Titles

Cyberpunk 2077

Kerry Eurodyne is one of the main characters in this long-expected RPG; he is a rock star, a rebel, and gay! Even more so, the game doesn’t have a lot of romance options, only a few for each gender, but each romance arc is fleshed out and feels incredibly real. Kerry is the only romantic option available to gay characters, but after learning how charming, funny and great he is, few can resist this old rocker’s charm; maybe it’ll even inspire you to look for older guys at the gay online dating sites?

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is hailed by many as one of the greatest RPGs as of late, and it’s not surprising – the writing in this game is second to none. Kim is the player’s character main link to sanity, society, and the story of the game, since he’s holding that chaotic entity that we’re playing as at least somewhat still and connected to the plot, but the revelation of his queerness comes as the complete surprised, but doesn’t feel like one. He’s still Kim – cold, calculating, smart, and the best friend whose story was ever written in gaming. Or… more than a friend?

Mass Effect 

There was a shortage of gay love interests in the Mass Effect series, up until the third game when male Commander Shepard (the main character) got to express a bit of queerness and get involved with males. When it comes to potential gay loves for the protagonist, Steve Cortez (a brand new character for part 3 of the series) and Kaidan Alenko (returning character from the first game) became the first and very well written romanceable options. 

Apex Legends 

When it comes to LGBTQ representation in this battle royale FPS, Gibraltar was the first character to make his sexuality community known to the community. His boyfriend, known as Nikolas, forms part of his background and motivation; it’s fair to say that this character certainly enriches the game with diversity. His relationship may not prove complex, but he makes it easier for some folks to identify with him.


There’s plenty of love and action going on in this game, one of them is the story of immortal (or, really, posthumous) love developing with Patroclus and Achilles. Their romance stamps back to mythological times, and this game gives it a satisfying conclusion. The care they share for each other runs deep, and the game doesn’t specifically detail that this pairing is in a relationship. Therefore, innuendos give enough indication to players that something more is going on here! And Thanatos, the handsome god of Death, is one of the romance options for a protagonist; keep an eye on him!

Destiny 2

There is no hiding from the fact that Destiny 2 famous sniper, Devrim Kay, is gay. He openly discusses how his partner should send him tea as this British character is not just missing home but also his partner. Get to know him and learn that they are actually married, and what’s more, they’ve also adopted a daughter, adding another dimension of inclusivity to this game.

Horizon Zero Dawn 

Brageld is one of the side-quest characters in Horizon: Zero Dawn; having lost his partner and lover to a bloodthirsty cult, he doesn’t want revenge; his intention is to honor his memory. In this world of a far-future having a gay lover is completely normal, something no one hides or sees reason in hiding. In that regard, Brageld perfectly shows how inclusive the world can actually be, no matter the hardships you go through. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The gayness of Mislav in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a tough subject. No one, including him, actually says that he is gay outright. Still, this elf tailor really likes to dress in women’s clothes (and looks fabulous when doing so). Still, another character hints at experimenting with him, so Mislav could be the gay character you were looking for here!

The world of gaming has evolved through the decades, but nothing is more important than ensuring games appeal to everyone. It seems as though more games are now incorporating characters from a range of sexualities, just like all the spheres around us, from online dating providing convenient options for gay people to find partners, so media representation and attention are paid to LGBT issues. Besides, there’s no denying that the characters feel more realistic and have their own personalities when you recognize that they, too, can also have their own sexualities.

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