online games to play with friends on different computers

Top 15 Free Online Games To Play With Friends On Different Computers

Are you finding games to play with your friends? Check out our list of the top 15 free online games to play with friends on different computers.

We live in an era where technology dominates both work and life. Thanks to technology and the internet, we can work online, study online, shop online. After stressful working and studying hours, playing online games is the perfect choice for entertainment, warming up friendships without going out. 

We will be back to school age, challenge our thinking ability, increase ingenuity, and have a chance to mutual understanding through other online games. 

Here is a list of 15 free online games to play with friends on different computers.

Top 15 Best Multiplayer Online Games To Try

There are many virtual games we can play with our friends. You can refer to our following list.

1. Battleship Online

online games to play with friends on different computers

Battleship is one of the free games for two people online to play from anywhere in the world. It is very simple to play Battleship. You send a link to your friend and start an exciting time together from far away. 

The game’s interface is a grid of 10 x 10 cells where you select the position of your battleships by rectangular. After setting up your battleships, inform you’re ready and start the battle.

Once both players are ready, your mission is to find and destroy your friends’ ships as fast as possible by clicking anywhere on your friend’s grid. The battleship match only ends when one of the players has no ships in the grid. 

You do not need to sign up to enter this game. Like other 2 player browser games, you can invite one of your friends or choose a stranger on the battlefield as long as he or she is online.

2. Lichess Game

online games to play with friends on different computers

In the list of free 2 player online games, Lichess is not only an entertaining game but a battle of wits. You can play Lichess anytime and anywhere without the sign-up necessary. 

Lichess is one of the best online games you can play with friends over the internet due to many interesting features, including a pleasing graphic, chat room, modes (like Antichess, Chess960, King of the Hill, etc.), and an analysis board. Moreover, you can ask to change a move while playing a match of chess between friends.

3. Speed Sudoku

play online games with friends on different computers

Speed Sudoku is a new multiplayer online game. The supplier has taken your favorite puzzle to a new level of enjoyment with Speed Sudoku. The unique sudoku races are high speed, and you can play online games with friends on different computers from anywhere.

To play Speed Sudoku, you follow the guide:

  • Enter the website of Speed Sudoku
  • Register an account to play if you are the newer
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Start a new game or take part in an existing one 

The maximum number of players is four people simultaneously, but it is also accepted when there are two players. 

4. Ludo King

The Ludo King is also one of the online games you can play with friends over the internet. There are many ways to play this Ludo King with friends, such as playing locally on the same computer, on different computers, or on the mobile app. In addition, you can also play this game on a browser while others use the Ludo King app or vice versa.

play online games with friends on different computers

This game uses dice to play. You roll the dice to move your four pins from the beginning point to the target in the grid center called your house. 

On the way to your house, try to defeat your friends’ pins by putting your pin in the same position. Besides, you need to avoid being pushed out of the grid by your friends.

You can completely play this game with a Facebook account and invite friends on Facebook. Ludo King allows four members to play at the same time. 

5. 8Ball Online

online games you can play with friends over the internet

Another free multiplayer game online is 8 Ball Pool. You can challenge other players and friends in 1-on-1 matches or enter multiplayer matches for the billiards crown. You will level up as you finish one match, and get Pool Coins as you win. 

8Ball Online is a two player online game free, but it requires both players online simultaneously. You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up, or you can still play without an account.

 two player online game free is a giant jigsaw puzzle online to join with your friends. To begin, you use your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account to log in. Next, you must select the kind of puzzle (animal, nature, street art, etc.), the number of pieces, and co-players or your friends who can solve the puzzle with you.

Once all is ready, give the link to your friends and start the game. Players can chat in a handy text chat while gaming. is also one of the interesting online games to play with friends on different computers.

In, each player is a color to follow easily. You will need at least three players to start the game. 

Players must move and put pieces into the puzzle with their mouse until the picture is completed. Its automatic saving feature helps you save the progress to play again next time if you can not join to the end of the match.


2 player games on different computers

There are many types of card games which you play online with your friends on different computers. You can either choose your familiar card game or have a reference from the favorite list, including Match Up, Go Fish, Remote Insensitivity, and Crazy Eights.

To play with your friends, you send them the invite link. These games are known as 2 player games on different computers, but each turn can have up to six players. 

8.Psych Game

The way to play Psych is to make your friends select the wrong answer to real trivia questions. If any player guesses the correct answer, he/she gets one point. If you convince a friend to believe your set-up answer is the right one, you also have a point.

The number of players in each match is unlimited, so it is time to call all your friends and download the app to start.

9.Mario Kart Tour

online games to play with friends on different computers

Mario Kart Tour is an online action game designed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. You can play Mario Kart Tour on your Mac or PC to get an immersive gaming experience.

Each member selects one in three main characters, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, to join a thrilling race. The winner is the fastest, the most intelligent person in each race turn.

It is necessary to have a Nintendo account to start a Mario Kart Tour match. You can challenge seven other friends against you in this race.

10. Scrabble Go

2 player online games from different computers

In the list of free online games, Scrabble Go is the virtual version of a classic word puzzle game. Many people love this Scrabble Go. It is one of 2 player online games from different computers. Still, each match can take up to four players.

11. Cards Against Humanity

2 player online games from different computers

It makes sure that we played a familiar card game at least once in our life. Cards Against Humanity is an online version of card games. Your work is creating a private online room and sending your buddies the room passcode. You still begin the Cards Against Humanity without signing in or downloading anything.

This game is a party of weird, funny, morbid things to find the most ridiculous man.

How to play:

  • Enter the website, set up a playing room, and send the invite link to your friends. You can adjust the limitation of the score, the number of players, and decks to play.
  • The “Card Czar” task: take a winning card from the white cards that you find most amusing, suitable for the black card given. 
  • The task of other participants: select a white card in their hand that may be the best corresponding to the description in the black card of the Card Czar.

The player who has the most number of cards becomes the winner.

12. Codenames Online

Codenames is a game based on words. It is awarded as one of the best board games in 2016, now we can play its free online version. Thanks to Codenames matches, you can check the understanding of your buddies with each other. 

In Codenames, there are two teams, blue and red; each side has one spymaster. The spymaster sends suggestions, and the team must try to find the correct words until the color of all the words has been changed. 

The most exciting moment is the time when your friends correctly find words including Temple, School, Hotel, and Crane from a keyword – Building.

2 player online games from different computers

How to join this game:

  • Create a playing room on Codenames website and share the invite link to your friends. You need four players up for each battle.
  • Divide players into two teams and choose a spymaster on each. Only the supervisor can see the colored board.
  • The team will guess their colored words by clues the spymaster gives. 
  • If the team says a black word or the competitor’s word, they will lose their turn.
  • The team that chooses a shaded black tile is the loser, and the rest is the winner.


With games, you will come back to school time when describing a word by drawing. is an online version you can play with your friends over the internet. This version does not limit players; either normal people or artists can join it.

two player online games different computers

You keep the following guides to play the drawing-guessing game: 

  • Enter the website, set up a private room, and push the invite link to your buddies. You can control the number of rounds, drawing time, and the number of custom words.
  • Participants take up two missions in turn: drawing and guessing words. When it’s your turn to draw, the player will have to select a word from three options and try to give suggestions in the required time by drawing. Meanwhile, other friends must enter the word they guess into the chatbox to gain points.
  • A person who guesses the word earliest gets the most points. Players will turn to change from artist to participants until solving all made-up words.

You can join this game as two player online games different computers. It can have a maximum of eight participants in each round.

14. Spyfall

online games to play with friends on different computers

In Spyfall, you will show your best-lying face until the end of the game. Every participant has a role and a location, except the one has a spy card. 

The number of players is at least three and a maximum of 12 people. After creating a private room and sending the link to all participants, you can start Spyfall. 

Each member can ask any other member any question, for instance, Is this place in the sky? The spy must attempt to guess the location of other players when they answer questions. 

The member must answer the questions, and ensure that the spy cannot guess the location. If you are the spy, you still must lie like you know what the location is. 

After a set-up time of asking, everyone shows who the spy is. If the player finds the right spy, he is the winner. If not, the spy is the winner. However, the spy still has an opportunity to win by saying the correct location of each member. The last winner is who has the highest point after rounds.

15. Houseparty

Houseparty is a group chat platform where you can play Chips, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Guac with friends. Each group chat can need up to eight people.


The above list is the top 15 free online games to play with friends on different computers. Hopefully, you will have memorable moments with your friends. Choose the game you like and invite your friends to play right now. 

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