How do you get useful camera filters for your Instagram story?

If you are looking for camera filters for Instagram stories, you have landed on the right resource. In this post, you will find the different ways to get useful camera filters for your Instagram stories. If you want to make your stories look catchy, then you need to customize them with filters. There are different searching methods and camera filter applications that you can use to enhance your stories. Some of the best ways and camera filter apps are discussed below for you guys. 

Multiple ways to get filters for Instagram stories

Here are some of the popular ways that can help you get useful filters.

Try Instagram filters used by your friends

If you are attracted to a filter that your friend has used on Instagram, you can easily tap on the filter and find out about the effect. You can try the filter very easily with your Instagram camera. You can try the filters used by your friends, but you can also explore the filters on accounts that you are not following.

Browse the filters in the story cam

When you click on the ‘add story’ button on Instagram, the Instagram camera will open up. You can browse all the effects of the Instagram camera and can try them. You should regularly visit the Instagram camera because the filters and effects are added regularly. 

Follow Instagram filter creators

If you like a filter on the Instagram cam, you can easily find the AR creator and follow them on their feed. In this way, you can find out tons of more filters they have created and try them out. 

If you don’t like the default or available filters on the Instagram cam, you can easily take help from third-party applications. Many camera filter apps can provide you with story and photo filters for Instagram. 

Best vintage camera filter apps for Instagram filters!

Today you have hundreds of camera filter applications available on your mobile phone app stores. You can download for free and get the best filters for Instagram posts and stories. In this section, you are going to find the most popular options in this post.

  • Camera for Instagram filters & effects: IG filters

This is a very famous vintage camera filters app that you can get on your smartphone without cost restrictions. On this live photo filter application, you will find camera effects, old camera filters, Hipstamatic effects, Cinematic story effects, Polaroid image effects, Instagram filters, and designated filters for Instagram. You have to download the application on your phone and select the filter you want to use. You can also find vintage camera filters on this app; if you want to give an old feel to your stories, you must try the Lomography and vintage cam filters.

  • VSCO

This is another application that can provide you with camera filters for your Instagram stores and posts. If you are going for an outdoor shoot, then you should have this application on your mobile. You are going to find many attractive and moody filters which can make your images more appealing. The filters on this vintage camera app are considered best because they can match the default Instagram aesthetics. 

  • Later 

If you plan to post multiple stories and posts in one go, you have to download this application on your mobile. This vintage camera filter app will provide you with the best filters for each photo added to the streak. The best feature of this camera application is that it lets you preview how your images look before you publish them on Instagram. So you can easily edit them before posting them. This camera filter app is best for iOS, Android, and desktop devices. 

  • Color Story

This is another application that can provide you filters and vintage effects for individual posts and stories for Instagram. This app would allow you to select a theme that compliments your page the most. For perfect colouration, you should try this application. The custom colour filters are very vibrant and attractive. So to make your story colourful, you can download this application on Android or iOS mobiles.

  • Face Tune

This is another application where you can find useful camera filters and that too for free. Here you must know that this application is specifically designed to edit and perfect selfies and pictures having faces in them. If you want to make sure that your face looks pretty on Instagram, you should try this face toning application. This is a very straightforward app, and you don’t have to worry about learning any advanced editing skills to use this app.

Take away

In this post, we have discussed some common and uncommon ways to find the most effective and useful camera filters that can add life to your otherwise boring Instagram stories. You can try the techniques mentioned earlier or download your favourite app to get the best vintage camera filters for beautification!

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