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Remote Desktop Can’t Find The Computer – How To Fix

Working remotely has become an upward trend in our modern life as more and more people started working from home. Besides the advantages of this working type, there are also technical errors that we may encounter. One of these drawbacks is that the remote desktop can’t find the computer. In today’s article, we tell you the causes of this disconnection and how to fix it. Let’s scroll down to read!   

What Causes This Disconnection?  

There are certain reasons that cause the disconnection between remote desktops. Details as following: 

Windows Update

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Windows updating can cause a disconnection between computers. 

One of the common issues is Windows Updating, and it functionally gets corrupted. Why so? Because the newly installed files collide with the working of the remote desktop and cut off the connection. 

To avoid this error, you should check your windows upgrade periodically and point out the precise reason.  


remote desktop can’t find the computer
Checking antivirus software can help reconnect your remote desktop.

Interestingly, antivirus software can’t recognize the remote desktop, so it blocks the computer partially or even completely. This issue leads to the disconnection between computers within a working system. If you are having this issue, all you have to do is disable the antivirus program and restart your computer. After doing so, if your computer can connect, it means you’ve figured out the cause.

Public Network Profile 

The other reason is when you join a public network, your computer might block the remote machine automatically as a protective reaction. It happens the same when you take part in a networking group. 

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Public Network Profile is unable to enter. 

The point is how to fix this issue completely and reconnect the desktops. So let’s move to our next part below for more details. 

How To Fix Remote Desktop Can’t Find The Computer? 

In this part, we will open to you the top solution on how to fix the error remote desktop can’t find the computer, and how to fix the error on Windows 10 operating system. 

Top Solutions You Should Invest  

Below are the solutions you can try to solve the issue: 

Change Your Firewall Setting 

Change the setting of your firewall. 

From our point of view, this is one of the simplest solutions to fix the problem. People who don’t know much about computers also can do it easily. First, turn off your protection system within the computer, here you will see the list of apps that require you to give stick on the “allowed” or “blocked” option.

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Change the setting for remote desktop.

Next, find the options for remote desktop. Then choose both options, “private” and “public”. Finally, close the window. If the issue has been caused by the firewall setting, then you can reconnect to your remote computer now. Otherwise, you will have to identify the cause seriously. 

Check Your Permission 

Internet groups sometimes limit their members for privacy. Therefore, you can’t just connect with them randomly. Thus, the simple solution is checking your permission with the admin of your internet group. 

Generally, this group is managed by administrators that have the right to add or push remote desktops out of the group. Therefore, don’t forget to ask them if you already have had permission to connect through a remote desktop yet.

Reset Your Credentials 

The credentials are applied when your computer is connected with a remote computer more often. Sometimes, these credentials might be improper for your desktops. So, all you have to do is reset them. 

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Resetting your credentials help reconnect to remote desktop. 

First, log in to the remote desktop connection, and check the start menu. Next, type the Ip address to connect with the wanted remote desktop. Then, there you might find the saved credentials. Change the credentials as required, and save them! 

Verify The Status Of Remote Desktop Service 

The remote desktop sometimes can’t connect to another desktop due to the service being unable on the local computer and the remote one. To connect the desktops, the following services must be available on both computers: 

  • Remote desktop services 
  • UmRdpService

And after these services are launched, don’t forget to restart your computers. 

Add The Host Of IP’s Address 

If you are connecting to remote desktops for the first time and the IP address of the host computer is not automatically saved in your file, then your Windows operating system won’t let you connect to that desktop. It will take you a bit of time to download and save all the hosts on your computer.

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Save IP address of the host desktop

In case you can’t find the Ip of the faraway computer, you can open the file in notepad and type down the new IP address. 

Check The Group Policy 

One of the things you can do to fix the problem is checking the policy setting, verify and change the settings from disabled to enable if needed. To do so, log in to the Connections of Computer Configuration. Then you have to choose the function that allows users to connect remotely. Check again and save the changes!  

Add The RDGClientTransport Key 

This solution is very technical. It aims to force the remote desktops to apply the RPC/HTTP connection instead of using an HTTP/UDP connection. 

remote desktop can't find the computer windows 10
Using RDClientTransport Key to solve the disconnection 

Here you have to press on the combination of Windows with keyboard “R” to open the registry. Choose the Enter key after typing Regedit. When you log in to the system, go to the terminal server client to create a new DWORD with a 32-bit value. Next, enter the properties to set up the value data as 1. Finally, press on the button OK to accomplish the process. 

Check The RDP Listener Port 

Our last suggestion today is to check the remote desktop (RDP) listener port. Generally, most remote desktop services use port 3389. However, if some other applications apply the same port like this one, you will be unable to connect. 

remote desktop can’t find the computer
The port number needs to be adjusted to the right one. 

Like using RDGClientTransport Key, you will have to log in to the terminal server where the WinStation is located. Choose RDP-TCP! On your right hand is the number of the port (picture above). If you want to connect with the remote computer through a new port, only change that number.

Remote Desktop Can’t Find The Computer Windows 10 

For Windows 10, besides errors related to IP addresses, there might be issues relating to DNS. And the reasons that cause this DNS problem are: 

  • Your Windows is using the incorrect IP address.
  • Your host file has incorrect credentials for remote desktop hostnames.
  • Your Domain Name System servers are unavailable.
  • You can’t find the Domain Name System record contained in the DNS for remote desktop hosts, or it aims at the incorrect IP address.  

Firstly, figure out whether your server is acquainted with the fully qualified domain name of the remote desktop by running the order “nslookup”. If the directive responds with the IP address of the remote computer, then all are fine. 

In case the returned IP is incorrect, try the flush server cache within the client machine and lookup for remote desktop hostname again. 

Also, the DNS server gets timed out errors. In this case, you will have to check the alternative one with the IP address defined in the setting of the network connection. Here, you are able to get the local Domain Name System server as well using the order: 

remote desktop can’t find the computer
Using command to check the local server 

If you are a Domain Name System admin part of the group of domain security, you will be able to have a look at the Domain Name System server records with the help of Domain Name System manager mmc snap-in. 

The next step is to check out the A or view the CNAME record of your remote desktop host in the DNS zone. Check whether the IP address you found is correct. In case you see many records within the Domain Name System zone, use the filter function to pick up the needed one! Then, use the ping order to look at the available remote computer. 

If the above command gets the “false” response, it means the remote desktop is disabled at the moment. Sometimes, the connection might be blocked by the network routers or the firewall of the client-server. 

Besides, when you couldn’t connect to a remote desktop server with Windows 10, there are possibilities for this error: 

  • Your Windows version you are owning is old, and it needs to be updated.
  • Use another remote desktop client to check again.
  • Either your antivirus software or firewall is having a problem. 
  • If you have Windows operating XP and Network Level authentication, then be noted that you can launch an NLA assistant via the registration. 
  • The remote connection will be impossible if the user has an account that doesn’t possess an access password. 

The Bottom Line! 

For people who work in the IT field, this technical error is not a big issue. But for those who don’t know anything about information technology, it seems to be more serious as people don’t have the basic knowledge to understand the gist of the problem. Therefore, we hope this article was helpful to you to find the solution when your remote desktop can’t find the computer. If you have any better solution, don’t hesitate to share with us!

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