How Can You Address The “Importerror: No Module Named Psycopg2” Error?

You get the following error when running your code: “Importerror: No Module Named Psycopg2“.

‘psycopg2’ is one of the most often used PostgreSQL database adapters. Its main goal is to implement a DB API 2.0 standard in its entirety, including thread safety. 

This means that multiple threads may share a single connection. During an application, this could easily support concurrent insertion or deletion. It can concurrently build and destroy a large number of connections.

This issue is one of the most typical mistakes that programmers make. Consequently, why is it happening, and how could it be fixed? We’ll walk you through it.

Why Does This Error Occur?

Some prerequisites must be completed for the process to run smoothly. Import errors may occur if these conditions are not met during compilation.

The following should be considered prerequisites:

  • C compiler. 
  • libpq-dev package that contains libpq header files. 
  • Python versions must be from 3.6 to 3.9.
  • Your PATH file must include a pg-config file. This file compiles psycopg2
  • Packages like python-dev or python3-dev to build header files.

The ‘psycopg2’ module can not be built if the machine does not fulfill the requirements mentioned above, resulting in a no package named ‘psycopg2’ error. This mistake is frequently seen by developers who do not have access to a C compiler. The module would not work since the binaries failed to install.

When trying to push their project to the next level, several developers run into the module called ‘psycopg2’ error.

Some Basic Approaches To Fix “Importerror: No Module Named Psycopg2”

And, guess what? You solved it by using several basic methods specific to the application you’re using. The examples given will help us better comprehend the previous solutions.

Solution 1: Users running Linux

For those who use Linux applications, you may use the command in your code.

sudo python -m pip install psycopg2

Solution 2: Users running Python

You may use the command in your code for those who use Python.

python -m pip install psycopg2
python -m pip install psycopg2

Solution 3: Users running Pip

For those who use Pip applications, you may use the command in your code.

sudo apt-get install libpq-dev
pip install psycopg2

Solution 4: Users running Python 2

For those who use Python 2 applications, you may use the command in your code.

pip2 install psycopg2-binary

Solution 5: Users running Python 3

For those who use Python 3 applications, you may use the command in your code.

pip3 install psycopg2-binary


The remedies provided above are the simplest for anyone who is also bewildered by this problem: “Importerror: No Module Named Psycopg2

If you ever need assistance or have typical Python questions, we have the most robust community that is always willing to assist. Finally, we wish you a wonderful day full of new code ideas.

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