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How To Fix YouTube App Not Working Error – Guiding Tips

What to do when you see a YouTube app not working error? This article will open up to you the tips on how to fix it in detail. Let’s scroll down to read!  

For decades, YouTube has made our life more and more exciting as it contributes a lot to our work and entertainment purposes. There are billions of people using this app every second. But the question is what to do when you see the error of a YouTube app not working? Don’t panic! In today’s article, we will explain more to you about this error. Then, we will instruct you through the tips on how to fix it. Let’s kick right in!   

YouTube App Not Working Error 

A few users have asked us, “Why is my Youtube not working?” And we couldn’t explain them in just a few words. When you see your YouTube stopped working, it is because of few factors that cause this issue:

  • Internet connection problem 
  • Issue related to the Web browser
  • Issue related to computer system 
  • Firewall and security error 

Internet Connecting Problem 

The first reason we would like to mention here is the internet connection. If it is not good enough, you will see the videos on YouTube pausing for minutes. 

It either can be the Internet cable is so far from your computer, or something wrong with the USB port. Check both of them will help you figure out the real reason! 

In addition, many users might not notice that watching YouTube videos with the wrong quality stream can lead them to experience the error. 

Issue Related to the Web Browser  

One of the common reasons is that the Web browser you are using is outdated. It may be the extension colliding with YouTube programs. Furthermore, the browser cache and cookies make it difficult for viewers to watch videos. 

Issue Related to Computer Systems

Every program holds a space in the CPU system. Using many applications at the same time can reduce the quality of YouTube videos and stop them from working. 

The computer drivers, graphics card, and motherboard chipset also play important roles in playing the videos. If users apply outdated versions of these units, it might prevent them from watching YouTube. 

Firewall or Security Issue 

The last reason that we could think about here is firewall and security issues.  These programs might estimate your YouTube site as an untrusted site. Therefore, you should update and use the newest version of them. Also, scan if there is any malware that invaded and caused the collision within your system.   

How To Fix YouTube Not Working Error On Chrome – Guiding Tips

Well, below are the fixing tips that can help you to solve the issue. Hopefully, after reading these methods, you will stop struggling with the question, “Why is my Youtube app not working?”

Updating Chrome 

To avoid the Youtube not responding error, we advise you to utilize the newest version of Chrome. Generally, this browser updates automatically. However, you should still give it a check. 

Putting in the URL chrome://settings/help and head to Enter. You will see the status of this tool as in the below photo. All you have to do here is choose to Update Google Chrome before relaunching it.

YouTube app not working

Updating Chrome browser 

Clearing Cookie And Cache

Also, YouTube doesn’t work due to the created cookies and cache during the time you use the Internet. To delete these units, first put the URL chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar, then select Enter.

YouTube app not working

Clearing the data 

Next, choose the All-time section. Under that, stick on the second and the third option like the above photo. Finally, press on Clear data to accomplish the process. Now, check if you still can’t access YouTube, move to our next solution. 

Disabling Extensions

If you are wondering why YouTube not working, have a glance at the Extensions feature. All you have to do is follow the URL chrome://extensions/.  

YouTube app not working

Checking the Extensions 

You are required to deactivate all the extensions by turning on the sliders. Do it one by one! Then, try to launch YouTube again. Check if the issue gets repaired.

Updating Video Drivers 

Another method of how to fix YouTube is upgrading the video drivers. Because if those units are out of date, it will lead to video playing problems. In detail, users will have to click on the combination of Windows and X keyboards before going to Device Manager. 

YouTube app not working

Updating drivers 

Then, you will see a new window appear on your screen. Next, press twice on the Display adapter! After that, click on the right side of the mouse to choose the Update driver. In some cases, users will have to replace the old driver version with the new one completely. 

Checking Internet Connection 

You keep asking yourself, “What should I do when my Youtube is not working?” But do you know that checking the Internet connection can help you solve the issue with ease?

YouTube app not working

Troubleshooting to detect the problem 

There are a few steps that you need to follow here. 

First, press on the combination of Windows and I keyboards to open the Settings window. Then follow the route Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Internet Connections > Run the troubleshooter. 

If the Internet connection is truly the cause, try to reconnect it and see how the situation gets better. 

How To Repair YouTube On Android And IOS 

A lot of users utilize YouTube on Android and iOS as well. And they might have the same issue with people who are using this application on the computer. So the below solutions will help you fix the issue of why YouTube not working on mobile phone devices.  

Updating Operating System 

The first reason is you are probably using an old version of the operating system, which prevents YouTube from running properly on your devices. 

So, you should update the system to adjust the issue. 

YouTube app not working

Updating the operating system 

If you are using an Android device, head to the Settings section before opening the Software update. Set up your phone with the new version of the program. 

In case you are using an iOS device, follow the route Settings > General > Software Update. Finally, open YouTube again to see if it gets fixed already. 

Deleting Data And Cache 

The thing is, there is always a certain amount of data and cache that have been saved within your system after a while using YouTube. If you can release this data, your favorite application might work again. 

YouTube app not working

Erasing the cache and data 

For Android devices: Follow the route Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage. Then, press on Clear cache to see if the problem gets fixed. Otherwise, you will have to Clear data.

For iOS devices: Delete the YouTube application and set it up again by going to the Play Store to download. 

Synchronizing  Date And Time 

If YouTube stopped working on your devices, something might be wrong with the date and time system between your phones and your YouTube server. Check what type of device you are having and try one of the following methods:

YouTube app not working

Turn on the automatic date and time 

For Android devices: Following the route Settings > General Management > Date and time, then turn on Automatic date and time. 

For iOS devices: Head to Settings > General > Date & Time, turn the Set Automatically to On regime.

The Bottom Line! 

Indeed, the YouTube app not working is not a strange error. It can happen on any type of device and at any time. As a fan of this application, you should learn by heart all the easy tips above and try to implement them by yourself. If you have another way of fixing this issue, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Have a great time reading! 


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