Why is my ping so high
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Why Is My Ping So High? – Helpful Guide On Fixing Lag In Online Games

Frequent lag during gaming drives you up the wall? Wondering “Why is my ping so high”? Here we are to offer workable solutions. Check them out now!

Why is my ping so high
Laggy games – one of the most unpleasant things!

A thrilling gaming groove with friends is one of the most entertaining things while stuck at home. What if you’re getting immensely into the match, then randomly the fps (frames per second) waterfall, hence the lag? There must be nothing more infuriating!

Right now, should you be questioning yourself “Why is my ping so high”, rely on us! We’ll tell you a bit more about how to fix high ping. You can make sure of smooth gameplay without any interference. Let’s get down to it!

What Is High Ping? Why Is My Ping So High?

why is my ping so high
What is high ping in online games?

Before jumping into the primary topic too rapidly, it’s crucial to understand clearly what high ping is and the reasons why your ping is that high.

Ping is a measure of the latency between your device and its server. Latency refers to how quickly the signal is sent out from your computer to another PC, and that PC sends its own signal back to yours. In other words, that measurement lets us know how long it takes a block of data to travel from a server to another one via the Internet and back.

Once you fire a shot in combat, the device receives the information that you shot a rival and sends back the confirmation whether that rival has been attacked. At the same time, it’s sending a signal to your gaming server that the shot is recorded.

The signal’s calculation unit is milliseconds (ms). In gaming, any amounts around 20ms or lower are considered low ping, whereas high ping means an fps rate of 150ms or more. Normally, gamers prefer low ping, particularly for games in which timing and position are mainly focused.

High ping will badly lower the speed of transferring and receiving data within the game, hence posing delays or lags. Users may face game freezing, other online teammates disappearing, slow-mo outcomes, etc.

If you’re a big fan of progressive game sessions, like a first-person shooter, real-time strategy, racing, or multiplayer genre, you should always keep your ping at an ideal rate. Or else, the poor game experience can destroy your day.

How To Reduce and Fix High Ping In Online Multiplayer Games

We’ve divided this part into two different sections: killer tips on lowering and fixing high ping. Should you have to deal with the high latency problem regularly, then head to the first section. The second one should help if you’ve just faced the issue recently and the network or PC might be the reason.

Lower High Ping

why is my ping so high
One of the factors determining ping rate is the Internet speed.

Check Your Internet Speed

Anytime we encounter a lag, checking Internet speed is our first reaction. Basically, the slower the Internet speed, the higher the game ping. Some Internet speed test tools available online can do that for you.

In case the speed test indicates a slow Internet speed, you need to turn off other background apps and clear Win 10 Temp and Cached files. By doing so, you can increase the net speed and decrease the ping.

For Wifi users, you can look at the signal at the bottom right of the taskbar to check the Wifi strength. If the signal shows a weak wireless network strength, move your PC closer to the Wifi. In most cases, the high ping can be fixed.

However, this will be less effective if there is a wall between them. This barrier will block even the strong signal wave. Therefore, keep in mind that always place your PC and router in one room or space without a wall.

Another way is to contact your Internet provider and ask for help. They will upgrade your Internet plan, replacing the basic and out-of-date one if necessary. High Internet speed will reduce ping speed for sure.

Connect Via Ethernet Cable Instead Of Wifi

Using an Ethernet cable to directly connect to the Internet is preferred.

In fact, the circumstances in which factors besides Internet connection cause your ping to surges are more common. In case you find out that you have a good Internet but high ping, don’t jump to the conclusion that your PC is broken!

Professional online gamers actually would like to use Ethernet rather than connect their PC to the Internet via Wifi because a wireless network is more likely to be prone to real-time interruptions, like walls, distance, RF noise, or electronic devices around.  

To avoid recurrent high ping, it’s time you switched to using Ethernet cable. A direct connection through the cable eliminates nearly all kinds of interferences and makes sure of a stable ping speed.

A router often comes with an ethernet cable. Simply put, plug one end of the cable in the router’s output port and another end in the Ethernet port of your PC.

Laptops usually have an in-built Ethernet port, while some desktops don’t. If the desktop you’re using lacks an Ethernet port, use an Ethernet Network Card to fit in your CPU. Every CPU cabinet has room for that sort of card, so putting in one should not be an issue.

Eliminate Bandwidth Hogs to Improve Ping Speed

The more devices connected to Wifi, be it laptops, mobiles, or PCs, the higher the ping. The same happens to the Ethernet network. Because the bandwidth will be containing a high volume of connected gadgets, hence rising ping speed.

As you’re in the game, we suggest limiting the number of devices logged in the network to as many as possible. In other words, you should remove all unnecessary devices at the moment to smoothen your games. For example, you may not need your mobile phone when gaming, so disconnect it. 

What’s more, background programs and tabs are also part of the problem. Not only do running browsers exploit the processor resources but also Internet bandwidth. Of course, they consume more RAM than your game, leaving less processor memory for it and increasing latency.

Websites and browsers aside, there are also non-essential programs operating in the background. To take care of all of them, you need to access the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) to close them down.

Stop Downloads On PC To Improve Latency

One more possible answer to the question, “Why is my latency so high?” is that you may have some downloads or upgrades that occur. Downloading apps on the PC consumes large sums of Internet bandwidth, thus high ping and lag.

Please remember to keep an eye on the downloaded software before joining your online game. If the download is important, let it finish. You should also look out for torrent clients to check the active uploads. If one can wait, just pause it to enjoy your fantastic game.

Connect To The Right Server in Online Games

Generally, the distance between the server’s location and yours greatly decides the delay. The bigger it is, the higher the ping. The lag comes naturally as the latency speed from there may be higher compared to your position.

Therefore, it’s better to find a local server to create an account. You can also migrate your account by asking your team’s players for help. Trying to play games on the right server or the nearest one is able to minimize ping rate considerably in most cases.

Use Reduce Ping Software

Reduce ping software is excellent assistance.

Gamers also rely on supportive tools, like Kill Ping or Haste, to lower ping speed. Those are divided into two types: free and paid. Of course, you get what you pay for. The paid tools will absolutely work more effectively than the free ones. They come with a free trial version as well so that you can decide to invest money or not.

Troubleshooting high ping in online games all the time is literally tiresome. If that’s your case, we advise taking advantage of available software to decrease the latency rate.

Fix High Ping

Reset the router to refresh network speed

Reset Your Router and Windows PC

Either router or PC is involved in affecting your game ping. Thus, if there’s a sudden lagging error, resetting both of them should fix any related cause.

Your router has been running for a long time and full of networking issues. Resetting it means refreshing the Internet speed, thus fixing high latency.

First, look for the reset button in the back or at the bottom of the router. It’s often a tiny button inside a hole, so a paperclip will help you to push it. Press the button and remain for about 10 seconds until your router resets and restarts.

Similarly, your PC memory contains tons of uploads and downloads. Before you reset the Windows, you should restore your computer to the condition when you purchased it – the ping was good.

To restore your desktop back to an earlier point in time, you first go to the Control Panel, search for and click Recovery, then tap Open System Restore.

After you restore Windows PC, if the high ping persists, a reset now is required. Go to Change PC settings, look for Update and Recovery, tap the Recovery and click Remove everything and reinstall Windows.

Please NOTE, resetting and restarting are different. The act of resetting leads to the deletion of data and setups in your PC and configurations in your router. So make sure you’ve backed up all important files and folders before starting.

As simple as these processes may sound, they do work in fixing the high ping problem.

Keep Your Router and Drivers Up-To-Date

It goes without saying that at the moment the Internet technology is upgraded, the router gets outdated. In other words, your router’s bandwidth capacity must link with the Internet connection upgrade.

Players tend to use the same old router for many gaming sessions without realizing that their routers are out-of-date. Low-bandwidth routers are one of the most common reasons for high game latency. That’s why you should update your router constantly.

You can consult your Internet Service Provider for information on updates and let them check if your router needs upgrading or not.

The same thing applies to the hardware drivers. They play a critical role in online graphics and other network adapter drivers, hence remarkably affecting PC gaming. Game players always need to keep all the drivers up-to-date to prevent ping from surging.

You can do it manually, but it takes time. We suggest using driver update software, such as IObit Driver Booster. You will have the corrupted drives automatically replaced by the updated ones.

Fix High Ping Using A Gaming VPN

Using VPNs for PC gaming is a common way to deter high ping.

Another way to fix high ping in online games is to use a gaming VPN (Virtual Private Network). Not only does the network help clean the Internet connection, but it also improves game ping speed.

Sometimes, your ISP may throttle the connection or reroute you to congested networks. In this case, using VPN is a good idea.

Plus, as you’re not living in the area where online game servers are available or connecting to a local server, you should install VPN software in your Windows. This gaming network can get access to the Internet from all regions in the world.

International gamers are widely taking advantage of VPN to take part in matches on different servers and reduce high ping as in the game with their foreign teammates. There are both free VPN software and paid services with advanced functions as well for you to try out.

Optimize Game Graphics To Fix High Ping In Online Games

Turn on the Optimize mode to lessen the high ping issue

Nowadays, online games are designed with high-resolution and lively graphics, bringing about the real experience for players. However, sophisticated graphics come with the issue of high ping and lag.

Users should keep the graphics settings at the optimized mode based on the configurations of their PC. If you play the game with higher graphics settings than the proper level for your computer, high latency will come naturally.

Let us explain a little more. Running games on too high graphics settings consumes much more of your PC’s processor resources. Should large portions of the resources be used for the game, the amount left is not enough for your PC to send data to your game server and receive it back – we call it the data communication.

Users need to deter their game graphics from taking up too many of their PC’s resources. Simply said, please remember to keep your graphics settings optimized properly to fix high ping and smoothen the game.

Reduce Lagging By Cleaning Up Your PC

Your PC, after long-term usage, is cluttered with useless and junk data. This could affect the computer’s responsiveness and the games on it as well. Cleaning up your PC routinely is a crucial method of fixing high ping in online matches.

We often clean up our disks first since unnecessary files are stored mostly in the disks. They slow down the overall operation of the PC and occupy large disk space, leaving less utilization for programs. Our recommendation is to use the Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of redundant data in the hard and soft disk.

In addition, you should have known that browser extensions and add-ons work for all opened tabs and programs. Thus, they consume endless amounts of computer resources.

One way to clean up your Windows is to diminish browsers’ load as much as possible. Disabling and removing all inessential extensions and add-ons contribute greatly to speeding up your PC and minimizing lag caused by high ping.

Don’t forget to take care of your PC. Cleaning it up means you’re making more room for your game data.

Call Your ISP

As you’re done applying all of our methods, see if the high ping is improved or not. If “not” is the case, a potential chance is that the problem comes from your Internet Service Provider.

In this case, all you need to do is call your ISP and ask them to check if something goes wrong at their end. They will also come and go through the PC and network configuration if necessary. 

This is a helpful step after you’ve tried all possible solutions above. Now leave the problem to them!

Ending Thoughts

High ping is the top enemy of online multiplayer games. Whenever you desire to be immersed in a match, an ideal ping rate is always the first and foremost. Being aware of the basic ways to reduce high latency can lend you a hand to kick away laggy games and foster your performances.

We guess you must have stopped asking yourself, “Why is my ping so high” and figured out the solutions now. Believe us! Following our guide, you’ll have a better gaming experience than ever!

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