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How To Fix Wacom Pen Not Working On Windows 10 Error-Detailed Solutions

Having a Wacom pen not working on Windows 10 error? This article will walk you through steps on how to fix it in detail. Let’s scroll down to read

Technology tools like the Wacom pen facilitate users’ artwork on laptops and help them spend less time finishing the work. However, there are possible issues with this tool that might confuse you. 

In today’s post, we want to discuss the most common issues related to the Wacom pen and guide you on fixing the Wacom pen not working on Windows 10. So let’s get to know about this item!       

Wacom Tablet Pen 

Compared with other peers (iPad, Kindle Fire ), the Wacom pen tablet is a device that is specifically applied for the graphic design industry. The great feature about this item is it allows users to draw manually, capture photos in digital forms. Then all the information will be displayed and conducted on a connected computer. 

Generally, these tablets are grouped into three categories. Each one has features that match with a certain type of audience target. The first two groups (Intuos and Cintiq tablets) are designed for creative professionals who possess a strong background in graphics and digital art. And the third one (Bamboo tablets) is for beginners who have started their first steps as graphic designers. The third group is equipped with specific traits only if the two first groups are made with a wide range of functional features. The great thing we like about the Wacom pen is that users can save time and protect the natural environment. However, you might face a drawing tablet not working error while using it. To fix this issue, let’s move to our second part below! 

How To Fix Wacom Pen Not Working On Windows 10-Detailed Solutions 

The causes of the Wacom tablet not working Windows 10 can be various. It may be wrong with the device, drivers are not working properly, or some other things. However, you can try one of the below methods to fix the problem: 

Restarting Wacom Tablet Services 

On Windows operating systems, there might be several services running at the same time. Therefore, when the Wacom pen stopped working, restarting this service can solve the problem. This method is quite simple; let us instruct you in detail:  

  • Step 1: Click on the combination of Windows and R keyboards to launch the Run box. 
Wacom pen not working

Launching the Run box 

  • Step 2: Write down the order services.msc before clicking on the Ok button 
  • Step 3: figure out the service of the Wacom tablet 

The name might be changed depending on the type of Wacom tablet. Therefore, you can check if it falls into the following names: 

  • Wacom Consumer Service 
  • TabletService Wacom 
  • Wacom Profession Service 
  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service 
  • Step 4: Click on the right side of the mouse and choose the Restart option. (Please keep in mind that you must select the Start option if this button is in gray). 
Wacom pen not working

Restarting the service 

Quick check whether Windows 10 Wacom tablet issues get fixed yet. If nothing changes, move to our second method. 

Checking USB Wire Of Wacom Tablet 

Checking USB wire is one of the best ways to fix Wacom tablet not working error. In detail, you may try to remove the wire before re-inserting it again at both PC and tablet sides. Have a look at the LED light while doing so. 

If the light is flickering, but not continuously, then the reason can be the USB ports or your wire. You can try testing the unit with other devices like mobile phones and iPads. In case your wire is no longer working, replace it with a new one.  

Changing Wacom Pen’s Tip 

Interestingly, when you get a Wacom pen not working Windows 10 error, you can try to make a change with the pen’s tip. It is also known as a stylus. To do so, follow the user guide book. According to many users, the item works again after they adjust the tip. You can even apply this method by yourself at home. 

Restarting Your PC 

For the third Wacom group of users, the Bamboo pen not working Windows 10 error can happen at any time. We suggest you restart the PC and rejoin the tablet one more time. Specifically, this process will help to clear out the collision within the system. If this method can’t change anything, it is time for you to think of checking the tablet driver. 

Reinstalling Wacom Tablet Driver

One of the reasons that can cause the issue is the Wacom tablet driver not responding. It is because your current driver is an old version, and it is no longer compatible with the update of Windows 10. Hence, reinstalling the Wacom driver can possibly help you solve the problem: 

  • Step 1: Shut down the disconnection between your item and your computers 
  • Step 2: Launch the Device Manager. 

Press on the combination of Windows and X keyboards to launch. Then, click on the right side of the mouse on the Start option. Next, a new window will appear on your screen; choose the Device Manager section.  

Wacom pen not working

Selecting the Device Manager section 

  • Step 3: Find the Human Interface Devices and expand it 
  • Step 4: Select the Wacom Tablet driver before heading to the Uninstall device section. This step will help delete the driver from your desktop.  
Wacom pen not working

Uninstalling the device 

  • Step 5: Download the newest version of your Wacom pen. Choose the one that is matched with your Windows 10 operating system. 

We advise you to get over the Wacom official website and search for a suitable product. Then, install it on your Windows computer. To do so, click twice on the downloaded file and follow the installation process. It will take you a while for the program to set up on your PC. Following that, restart your computer and connect the Wacom device again. Now, you can check if your Wacom pen is working properly.

Reverting Windows 10 Update 

Sometimes, the updates of Windows 10 can collide with other applications, and it may be the reason to stop the Wacom pen from working. So, if you have just got your Windows updated, uninstall it to see whether the situation gets better. 

  • Step 1: Click on the Start button, and write down “Settings” in the searching box. 
Wacom pen not working

Writing down the word “Settings” in the searching box 

  • Step 2: On the new window, find the Update and security option before heading on the Window Update section 
  • Step 3: Select View installed update history 
Wacom pen not working

Selecting View installed update history 

  • Step 4: On the newly opened window, choose to Uninstall updates section

Here, you will find a new updates list on your operating system. Address the newest update before clicking on the Uninstall button. 

Wacom pen not working

Uninstalling the newly updates program 

  • Step 6: Now, reboot your PCs before replugging your Wacom devices. Check if the error gets fixed or not!  

Installing Previous Wacom Driver 

Another suggestion is to uninstall the Wacom driver you are using and roll it back to the previous version. Again, there are steps for you to follow: 

  • Step 1: Press on the combination of Windows and R keyboards. Write down devmgmt.msc within the Run box before heading to the Enter button. 
Wacom pen not working

Writing down the order in the Run box. 

  • Step 2: On the new window, choose Human Interface Devices and enlarge it. Subsequently, click on the right side of the mouse on the Wacom pen driver before setting it on the Uninstall device button. 
Wacom pen not working

Uninstalling the device 

  • Step 3: Get over the Wacom official website, then download a suitable version of the driver there. At this step, don’t forget to compare the compatibility between the driver and the devices. 
Wacom pen not working

Downloading a suitable version of the Wacom driver 

  • Step 4: Download and install the Wacom driver into your desktop 
  • Step 5: Reboot your computer after the installation process is accomplished. 

If you can, implement one more step. Press on the combination of Windows and R keyboards. Next, write down the command services.msc. Then follow the method of reinstalling the Wacom tablet driver above. Lastly, check whether the issue is solved. 

Downloading Windows Compatible Driver From Wacom 

Our last recommendation today is to download the compatible Windows driver from Wacom’s official website. You should read carefully and get the most suitable driver version there. The next step is to remove the Wacom pen from your desktop, including unplugging the wire and uninstalling its application. Then, restart your computer and wait for a while. After that, utilize the newly downloaded driver before restarting your PCs and plug in the Wacom device again.  

The Bottom Line! 

Although the Wacom pen tablet has appeared on the market for decades, it is favored due to the various benefits to the graphic design industry. We hope this article is helpful for you to find a solution for the error Wacom pen not working, please note down all the important steps we’ve mentioned earlier.

If there is any question, don’t hesitate to leave us a message. Enjoy your reading!


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