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How To VLC Trim Video? The Ultimate Guide For Newbies In 2021

Having a video that’s too long and heavy to be uploaded on your social media sites? Don’t worry. Check out our VLC trim video method in this post, and you will soon find cutting videos has never been easier. 

What Is VLC Media Player?

Trimming videos can be a daunting task, particularly for non-tech savvy people. The good news is they can learn how to trim video with VLC or edit video with VLC Media Player, one of the most reliable multimedia players.

Before explaining how to cut video easily using VLC Media Player, let’s delve into some information about this popular video player, which packs tons of amazing features and functions. 

The most remarkable advantage of this tool is it can play recordings, video clips, CDs on various platforms including computers, smartphones, iPads. However, you may not know that this freeware can also assist you in trimming your videos effortlessly.

Most computer users use this versatile tool to play videos on various platforms and crop or trim video VLC on Windows 10

Thanks to this software, they can get rid of unwanted parts of the videos. The final result is a creative VLC clip video that they can share with friends or loved ones onFacebook or Twitter.

How To Shorten Videos Easily By VLC Media Player?

Below are all the steps you can take to use VLC to trim video.

Step 1 

First of all, in order to VLC trim video, you have to install this tool on your computer system. Make sure that you get the latest version for the best experience.

VLC Trim Video

Step 2 

Click on the VLC Media Player icon on your PC’s home screen to open it.

Step 3

At the VLC interface, tap on View and choose Advanced Controls from the menu bar.

Step 4 

Then, you’ll see four small buttons appearing on the bottom left corner of the VLC screen. 

how to trim video in vlc

Step 5

Next up, play the file you want to trim and determine the beginning point for your new clip by dragging the slider to where you want.

Step 6 

Once you select the starting point, click on the Record and Play button at the same time to start the recording process.

Step 7 

When the slider reaches the point where you wish to finish your video, hit the Play button one more time to pause it. Then, tap on the Record button to end the recording.

how to trim video in vlc


The media player will automatically save your cut video in the Videos folder on your device.

Final Words

That is all for today’s article guiding you the way to cut video VLC!

We have just revealed how VLC trim video used to divide a video into smaller chunks. Hopefully, after finishing this post, you learn how to trim a video in VLC Media Player. 

We believe that the method of how to trim video in vlc with this wonderful video splitter can live up to your expectations and help boost your creativity.

Let us know if this technique works for you. As long as you have any related questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. We are all ears!

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