Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Windows 10

Tips To Fix Some Websites Won’t Load Windows 10

Some websites won’t load Windows 10? No big deal. This post will show you how to fix these errors on your own in the most understandable way.

You have just found lots of fascinating sites but some websites won’t load Windows 10? It must not be very pleasant to experience such an event. Don’t worry! These tips will help you get rid of this problem as soon as possible. 

Typical Examples Of Websites Won’t Load Windows 10

The situation can occur in this direction: some websites won’t load Windows 10 although the Internet is stable, and other web pages such as Facebook, Youtube respond without problems. Consequently, you may encounter one of these following messages:

  • 403 Forbidden: You are not granted permission to access this server.
  • 404 Page not found: The request website might no longer exist. It means that the web owner could have deleted it or something has broken.
  • 505 Internal Server Error: Something happens with your server hosting to the website. You cannot resolve this issue yourself.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Error 404 Not Found

Common Reasons Why Websites Won’t Load Windows 10

Without a doubt, these unwanted errors get on your nerves, especially when you are in the middle of a task. But how to fix them? 

Firstly, you need to know several typical reasons why you can’t access certain websites Windows 10:

  • DNS records or DNS server problems;
  • Wrong TCP/IP settings;
  • Hosts file contains incorrect entries;
  • The computer can have virus infection or malicious website (malware);
  • Misconfigured browser or plug-ins;
  • Errors in the Routing Table;
  • Inappropriate MTU size.

Quick Methods To Fix This Occurring Problem?

Once you have figured out what causes the fail attempts to load a website, let’s dive in right now to see the solutions to each kind of issues:

  1. Changing DNS server or deleting DNS records

Incorrectly configured DNS server or wrong DNS records is one of the most common reasons. All you have to do is manually specify the DNS server of Google or the browser you are using (change to or

Also, delete your DNS cache in your computer with this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

  1. Wrong TCP/IP stack settings

Reset your TCP/IP settings to their standard-setting by opening the Command Prompt (choose “Open with Administrator Privileges”). Then, run this command:

“netsh winsock reset”

After that, restart your computer, then try to re-load the previously disrupted website.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Running command in Command Prompt
  1. Checking your Hosts File

Open the Hosts File to check whether it contains unneeded entries or not. The Hosts File is not supposed to contain any static mapping between IP addresses and DNS names. These entries might be caused by some viruses directed to fake sites.  

If there is a redundant entry, open Command Prompt and paste the command:

Notepad C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Should there be a third-party web address that prevents you from opening, delete it and immediately save your hosts file.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Check Hosts File in Command Prompt
  1. Using Antivirus programs

Use antivirus software (Avira Free Security, Sophos Home Free, Kaspersky Security Cloud, Bitdefender Antivirus Free, etc.) to scan your computer. There is a likelihood that your computer has been infected with a virus or malware when connecting to the website.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Most popular antivirus programs
  1. Checking Your Browsers
  2. Look over the Proxy server settings in your browser, then disable all the unnecessary extensions and plug-ins. Install and try to run another browser.

(Example: If your current browser is Google Chrome, try Microsoft Edge or Opera instead)

  1. Copy and paste this key in Registry Key Editor: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows. Then, find the parameter named Applnit_DLLs, whose value must not be filled. 

If the parameter shows a detailed path to all files, move those files and clear all the registry values.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Check Applnit_DLLs in Registry Editor
  1. Clearing the Routing Table

Do you know that several viruses can harm the Routing table with statistical entries? Try to reset all the routes (except the default one) by using this order:


Once you have finished it, restart your PC, open a browser, and re-open the site.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10

Clearing Routing Table with command

  1. Checking MTU Value

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. This parameter measures the largest packet size disseminated over the TCP/IP without segmentations.

Using the incorrect MTU size can cause VoIP failure, a typical issue with downloading or sending files over the network.

So, if you see your web pages not loading Windows 10, try to look over the MTU value in the Windows and the router’s settings. 

Check from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) your maximum MTU size . Normally, the MTU value is set at 1500. Lower it to 1420 or 1460. For the 3G/4G modem, the most suitable value is 1476.

Some websites won’t load Windows 10
Changing MTU value
  1. Using Site Blocks or Firewall

Antivirus programs and Firewall are likely to block websites that they consider as malicious addresses according to their database. If the website you are trying to log in to is indicated in the list, you obviously cannot get access to it. 

So in case you want to access the website, you have to turn off the antivirus software and check the Site Blocks’ list to remove the website address you want to log in to. 

However, this tip is not always workable since several browsers can even block the malware themselves.

  1. Website SSL Certificate Problems

The connection to the HTTPS site is likely to be blocked by the system or the browsers because of an incorrect, untrusted, or expired certificate. You can update the certificates root  or make  the site certificate Trusted in such a situation.

Voila, problems solved! Above are the nine most useful yet simple tips to fix some websites won’t load Windows 10. Hope you will have a better experience surfing the Internet without any disturbance!

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