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How to Solve Print Screen Not Working On Your Windows 10!

Taking a screenshot using just one key in Windows 10 is convenient. What if the print screen key not working? Hardware problems such as keyboard drivers or the unworking key are the most common issues, or even software problems like the Fn key is locked or the running background application. 

What would you do when your print screen button not working windows 10? Spending all day long surfing the web just to look up solutions? All you need is to scan through our following tips. Let’s check them out!

Try These Tips Before Reading Solutions!

To know exactly if the print screen doesn’t work or not, you should try these keys together to check out first.

  • Ctrl + Windows key + PrtSc
  • Ctrl + PrtSc 
  • Fn + PrtSc

Pressing these buttons to take a screenshot; then paste the photos in Paint, commonly you will find the picture at C:\Users\Pictures\Screenshots

[“C:” is the Windows installation drive. Differences depend on your computer.]

If the above tip doesn’t help you out, you should check if your computer has any F-lock key, making the functional hotkey disabled.

The issues sometimes due to the temporary files; trying to reboot your computer will fix it properly.

The bugs and glitches can also be your problem; make sure your Windows is always checked up on updates from Settings. 

The small tips above still not help you out with your print screen not working? In your circumstances, the problem may take a little bit more work to finish. Stay tuned! The solutions down there will surprise you!

Our Solution To Your Problem

#1. Checking The OneDrive Settings

  1. Right-click on the OneDrive icon at the bottom right of your screen, click on Settings.
  2. Choose Backup tab.
print screen not working
  1. Tick on the check box Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive.

Uncheck and recheck the box one more time if you see the box is checked already. Now, give it a try!

#2. Ending Tasks For Particular Programs

There are applications on your computer that may cause Windows 10 screenshot not working. The issue due to the fact that the third-party program can take the PrtScr hotkey. All you need to do is find out those apps and uninstall them. You will have your PrtScr key back in no time!

Windows 10 screenshot not working
  1. Hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager window.
  2. In Task Manager window, scroll down to find one of these software



Snippet tool

Or any recently installed programs should be the reason for this.

  1. Press on Detail tab
  2. Right click the software. Choose End task.

Close Task Manager. Restart the computer and see if taking a screenshot using your print screen is working or not.

#3. Keyboard Driver Updating.

Your Windows 10 screenshot is not working? Try updating your keyboard driver.

  1. Hold Windows key+R; then you put “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue. Click Enter. The Device Manager window should show up.
  2. Expand Keyboards and right click on your computer’s driver, and choose Update driver.
  3. There will be a prompt saying “How do you want to search for drivers?” And you need to choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

Give Windows a little bit of time to find the latest version and install it on your device.

4. In case you see a dialogue saying Best drivers for your device are already installed. Choose Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.

Restart your device. Try taking a screenshot with the PrtScr button.

#4. Windows+Shift+S!

The combination Windows+Shift+S allows you to take a screenshot of an area on your screen. This feature is more convenient than using PrtScr hotkey because it allows you to modify the size for specific information you want to capture.

Or using the Snipping Tool, look up the keywords in the search box.

#5. Clean Boot Your Computer

  • 1. Press Windows Key+R to launch Run. Type msconfig into the dialogue and then click OK.  
  • 2. When the System Configuration pops up, click on the General tab and then uncheck the Load startup items box. After that, check on the box that stay next to the Load system services option.
  • 3. When the System Configuration window appears, you should switch to Services tab. After that, choose Hide all Microsoft services and Disable all options. Finally, hit Apply and OK to save the changes.
  • 4. Restart your device.

This solution makes sure that your Windows 10 is only booted up with the necessary drivers. You should check if your computer can take the screenshot and paste it to Paint or Snipping Tool. Your issue of Windows 10 screenshot not working should be fixed properly!

#6. Troubleshoot Hardware

Check for errors using the hardware troubleshooter that comes with all Windows 10 Edition. It can detect the issues in external devices like mice, keyboards, printers, etc.

  1. Hold Windows+I to launch Settings. Type Find and fix keyboard problems into the dialogue. Select the option.

2. Choose Apply repairs automatically and select Next to go on.

3. Windows will look up for your problems and suggest solutions that best fit your circumstances

Follow the suggestions given by the Windows 10 system, and you will have screenshot not working Windows 10 issue fixed easily!

Let’s Take Screenshot!

Having your print screen not working is disturbing because it is very helpful in showing something on your screen to other people as fast as possible.

After going through all of the advice above, if your print screen button not working. Consider taking your computer or laptop to the nearest maintenance center to have a quick check-up and figure out your issue. 

The problem must involve the hardware issue, which is dependent on your PrtScr key’s condition.

If you found another way to fix this, be confident to share it in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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