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What Should You Do When Outlook Won’t Connect To Gmail?

When Outlook won’t connect to Gmail, we have the perfect route of solutions for you. So strap in, and go along with this article to know what to do to solve this issue. 

You might think that if your Outlook won’t connect to Gmail, you can only sit and wait for the technician to come to fix the problem. This article will be sure to change your mind by providing you with a detailed tutorial on correcting that issue. Don’t worry about being low-tech, because we’ll try our best to give as detailed a description as possible!

What To Do When Outlook Won’t Connect To Gmail

There are many steps you should take, and the process will be quite long. But don’t worry, you’ll be done with this disconnection issue very soon!

Allow POP/IMAP in Gmail:

Before you can set up a Google Mail account in the bounds of Outlook, you should look into your IMAP protocol. 

IMAP is quite a unique protocol that allows communications between clients and their mail servers. From IMAP, you can synchronize your mail status among all your available devices and update the information when needed. This applies to other platforms as well, such as changes and updates from Outlook!

So if you can’t connect Gmail to Outlook, this is the first place to check for connectivity.

  • Start by checking into your Google Mail Account via browser (since you cannot do it by Outlook at the moment), and head to the settings section of your account via a little gear icon on the top right section of the interface.
  • You should be able to see the POP/IMAP tab from this point. Ensure the IMAP tab is labeled “Enabled” in green, and pay no mind to the POP tab. Despite being quite a nifty feature a few years ago, POP is an obsolete protocol now if you compare it to its fellows.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 1. The IMAP access status should be enabled for Outlook to manage Gmail.

Usually, Google would enable IMAP protocols by default, but if you have made several adjustments to your account, you would have to retrace your step for this feature too!

Connect Gmail To Outlook 2019:

As for when you proceed with any of the next steps, you’ll need to set up your Gmail’s two-factor authentication. The lack of authentication can prevent your email from being protected and accessed by Outlook. You can do this by following the log-in screen’s instructions!

Can’t add Gmail to Outlook 2019? Don’t worry, as Outlook 2019 is the simplest version to work on this issue! With the latest and newest update of the software, you’ll be sure to have an easy time.

  • Initiate Outlook 2019 on your device, and access the “File” tab from the upper left section of your screen.
  • Next, you should hit “Add Account”. This button will boot up another smaller window for you to fill in your Google Mail account.
  • Some might rely on Outlook to fill in the “@gmail.com” domain for them, but we’re looking to be completely sure here. You should type out the full address for Outlook to search for an appropriate server and their requirements. Click on “Connect” and wait as the program does its job. This will take somewhere around 10 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Allow Outlook to manage your account, and with that, you’re done! Enjoy the convenience the software offers on your Google Mail account.

Connect Gmail To Outlook 2016:

If you encounter the situation of Gmail not working with Outlook 2016, you cannot repeat the steps from the previous paragraph. Outlook 2016 does not support 2FA, so the process of working on this version is going to be quite different, but don’t fret. Follow along, and we’ll be done in at best 10 minutes.

Without further ado, this guide is for those who want to manually set up their account when Outlook 2016 won’t connect to Gmail:

  • Initiate Outlook 2016 on your device. Click on “File” and then “Add Account” as you would.
  • After that, you need to choose the box that says “Manual setup” and click “Next” to begin the official process.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 2. Choose “Manual setup” to make adjustments to the connection.
  • You’ll see the familiar “POP or IMAP” protocol setup tab in the consequent pop-up, so click on that.
  • Fill in your email display full name, and your Gmail address in the boxes that require that information. In the incoming mail server, type in “imap.gmail.com”. In the outgoing mail server, punch in “smtp.gmail.com”. The last step on this form is to fill in your log-on credentials and click on “More Settings” to dig deeper!
  • You don’t have to tick in the box that says “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” since this particular security protocol is for Microsoft, so it’s not going to be very useful in Google Mail. However, what you shouldn’t leave blank is the box that says “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 3. This is the authentication feature you need to focus on!
  • Your next task lies in the “Advanced” tab, so head over there. You’d want to have SSL apply encryption on your connection for the IMAP. Punch in the number “993” for the box under “Server ports number”.
  • And as for the outgoing SMTP, make “TLS” your security protocol and have the port number be “587” from the default “25”. Hit the “OK” button to head to the next part of the work.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 4. You don’t have to pay too much attention to the other tabs.

Connection failures can still happen after all these steps, though. If you don’t have the two-factor authentication feature, any application connected to your Google Mail account will be blocked off for safety reasons. 

Because of this rule, former versions of Outlook (such as Outlook 2016) will not access and manage your Google Mail account, unless you set up a password right on the application to support connection. The two-factor authentication can be enabled only via the Google Account interface, so let’s learn how to do perform this task:

  • Head to your Google browser and go to the Security section of your account settings. (You might have to log on first, if you haven’t set your account as default on your device.)
  • In the Security tab, you should be able to spot the option for “App Passwords”.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 5. For now, the “App Passwords” tab is pointing to “None”.
  • Clicking on the “App Passwords” tab will take you to its further settings, containing two droplists for you to see. Consequently, choose “Mail” and “Windows Computer”, and then “Generate” to get started on forming your passwords.
  • Google will send you a 16-character password, which you should Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on to sign in, like we’ve instructed you beforehand. 

Only after you do these extra steps will you be free from the error that Gmail stopped working in Outlook.

Check The Connection State Of Your Gmail TCP Ports:

If you’ve done all the procedures above, and the problem still doesn’t go away, it’s possible that your PC or Internet service provider is banning the network ports necessary for the task. 

You can examine the ports’ connectivity on Windows 10 using the “Test-NetConnection PowerShell” cmdlet via PowerShell. But suppose it’s the Gmail servers that encounter issues. In that case, you’ll have to check the IMAP, SMTP protocol to see if their server port numbers have remained correct (as we’ve mentioned in our previous tutorial paragraph). 

At this point, launching PowerShell to make sure all connections are working smoothly is wise, so you can use the key combo “Windows + X – Windows PowerShell”. Do be sure to switch to the Admin role first, though.

Punch in these commands when you’ve done the above:

“Test-NetConnection imap.gmail.com -port 993

Test-NetConnection smtp.gmail.com -port 587”

Examine the output of your commands to learn what happened. If your screen shows “TcpTestSucceeded = False”, then it’s your firewall that is responsible for the Google Mail block. When you receive such a result, you’ll need to adjust all firewalls, including third-party ones created by antivirus installments. 

“Outlook.exe” is the file that should be allowed to process and project traffic over the TCP ports 993 and 587. If all that fails, and your TCP ports have not been blocked in any way, that’s when technical support from either your local service or Internet service provider is required for further inspections.

Regain Access From Revoked Google Mail account From Outlook:

If your Outlook stopped working with Gmail for the hundredth time, you could be sure that your Google Mail account has been revoked from Outlook. This can be totally accidental and intentional.

No matter what you’ve done (and have not done), these are the ways to regain access from Outlook:

  • If there’s another account available on Outlook, you may go through that and choose “File – Account Settings” and then “Manage Profile” from the menu provided. 
  • When you’ve reached the next window, click on “Email Accounts”, which will open another smaller window named “Account Settings”. Now add a new account with the tab given to you by entering all the information required in the boxes provided by the window. This will also call for an app-specific password, so please establish one before proceeding with the next steps.
Outlook won’t connect to Gmail
Image 6. This is where you can add the formerly revoked account back in.
  • Outlook would need to take some time to form a connection between the account you just punch in and itself, so do make yourself a cup of tea in the meantime.
  • A new window will appear after Outlook is done with verifying your Google Mail credentials. On this window, you’ll need to fill in your primary passcode and the code for 2FA. Permissions to the account can then be granted.

If any other connection problem persists while your Google Mail account is still in the system, please consult the paragraphs above this one.

Other Methods To Regain Outlook Access For Your Email Account:

We’ve provided you with solutions for most of the scenarios encountered with Outlook on your PC, but you can never say never. 

Here is some advice from other users who have successfully connected their outlook with Google Mail, so do consult them if you still run into issues regarding this side of mailbox usage:

  • Making sure the box next to “Enable connected experience” in Outlook > File > Office Account > Account Privacy > Manage Settings is left unchecked. If you have to unchoose it manually like so, restart the program for Outlook to make adjustments to its other related functions and allow access to your Google Mail account.
  • Changing the IMAP server from the imap.gmail.com to imap.googlemail.com and the Outgoing server from smtp.gmail.com to smtp.googlemail.com. Every single one of these servers can be adjusted in the section called “Account Setting” as we’ve discussed before.

That would be all in this tutorial on fixing “Outlook won’t connect to Gmail” error. Don’t forget that you still have professional technicians to rely on, but you should learn how to cure the problem first to understand how the application works. If you encounter any Outlook connection problems that are not mentioned in this article, please contact us, and we’d love to chat with you!

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