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Troubleshoot: No Sound On Laptop Error On Windows 10

Are you looking for solutions to No sound on laptop error? This article will be useful for you. Dig into it to find out practical methods to fix this problem.

After upgrading the operating system, some users complain that there is no sound on the laptop. However, they don’t know the exact cause of this problem, so they don’t know how to fix it.

In this article, we will recommend some of the most practical and effective to troubleshoot this common error on Windows 10. Let’s get started!

Why This Error? 

Some users may wonder why there is no sound on my laptop? Hence, before figuring out the solutions to no sounds on laptop error, we will explore the main reasons for this problem. Below are the common causes leading to sound on laptop not working issue. 

  • The laptop audio is muted: While working, you may have accidentally turned off the system volume, but are unaware of it. 
  • Audio service is unresponsive: This error usually occurs after you upgrade the operating system.
  • Your operating system cannot detect the output of the audio device: Old operating systems will lead to this matter.
  • Audio drivers are incompatible with the new Windows operating system.
  • The audio driver conflicts: Some of the driver’s internal settings do not correspond.
  • Some cases are due to speaker or hard drive problems.

These are all possible causes of the no sound from laptop error. 

How To Fix The No Sound On Laptop Error? 

Right now, we will show you some useful ways to fix No Sound on Windows 10 Laptop problem. Let’s refer to them!

Fix 1: Troubleshoot

When encountering the laptop no sound issue, the first thing you should consider is fixing it via Windows Troubleshoot. The reason is that it can detect and adjust several common problems on the Windows operating system by itself. Follow these steps below to fix the no sound on laptop Windows 10 problem.

#Step 1: Open Settings via Start menu or simultaneously press two keys Windows + I on your keyboard. 

Open Settings menu

#Step 2: Click on the Update & security section. 

No sound on laptop

Select Update & security

#Step 3: Tap on Troubleshoot option on the left side of the screen.

Select Troubleshoot

#Step 4: Windows Troubleshoot will show several common issues. Let’s select the Playing Audio title, then choose the Run the Troubleshooter option. 

Run the Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot will find errors, and depending on the error, it will give you recommendations to modify some settings. In the same way, it will solve your laptop sound not working problem.

No sound on laptop

Troubleshoot no sound problem

Fix 2: Check Sound Sources On Taskbar

#Step 1: When you see sound not working on laptop, you can simply check the sound sources on the taskbar on your device. 

Check sound sources

#Step 2: You will see an inverted arrow icon. Let’s click on it to expand options. 

No sound on laptop

Troubleshoot sound problem

#Step 3: Select the title Speakers/Headphones (Realtek Audio).

No sound on laptop

Troubleshoot sound problem

Fix 3: Enable Playback Devices via Control Panel

Your laptop speakers may also have been turned off from playback devices from the Control Panel. To fix the laptop not playing sound error through the Control Panel you can follow the below steps. 

#Step 1: Open Control Panel via the search bar. Alternatively, you can press the two keys Windows + R at the same time to open the Run utility. Type control in the empty box and press Enter. 

No sound on laptop

Open Run utility

#Step 2: A list will appear. Select the Sound option. When a new window comes up, you can see the table of laptop audio playback devices here.

No sound on laptop

Open Control panel

#Step 3: Select the Playback option. If your Speakers/ Headphones section is disabled, right-click on it, choose the enable mode, and click on the OK button.

No sound on laptop

Enable playback devices

#Step 5: Furthermore, you should choose the device and tap on Set Default. Then hit OK.

No sound on laptop

Troubleshoot sound problem

Note: If your laptop still has no sound, try the following steps. 

#Step 1: Right-click on the laptop audio device and choose the Properties option.

No sound on laptop

Select Properties

#Step 2: Move to the Enhancements tab,  untick all enhancements, then click OK.

No sound on laptop

Uncheck enhancements 

Fix 4: Reinstall And Update The Audio Drivers

If you have performed the above techniques but the error still exists, let’s try to reinstall and update your audio drivers.

#Step 1: Type “device manager” in the search box to open the Device Manager utility. Alternatively, you can press the Windows keys + X on the keyboard, and then choose the Device Manager section, as illustrated below.

No sound on laptop

Open Device Manager

#Step 2: Double click on Sound, Video, and game controllers title. Then tap on Realtek High Definition Audio Device and select Uninstall device.

No sound on laptop

Fix sound error

#Step 3: Click on Uninstall button to confirm deleting the driver software.

No sound on laptop

Troubleshoot sound problem

#Step 4: Restart your device and the audio drivers will automatically be reinstalled and updated on your laptop.

Wrapping Up

We have recommended the most useful ways to troubleshoot the error: no sound on laptop. Basically, you can fix it by Control Panel, checking sound sources on the Taskbar, or uninstalling audio drivers. If you are having trouble with your laptop sound, apply one of the mentioned techniques!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!


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