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How To Use Lively Wallpaper Windows 10 – Guiding Tips

Don’t know how to use Lively Wallpaper Windows 10? This article will show you guiding tips to utilize this application in detail. Let’s kick right in!  

Since the birth of the Windows 10 operating system, setting animated desktop wallpaper has become more difficult. But with Lively Wallpaper Windows 10, creating a moving background for your device is easier than ever. In today’s article, we will open up to you more about the moving wallpaper and the tips on how to implement it. Let’s scroll down to read! 

What Is Lively Wallpaper Windows 10? 

Lively Wallpaper is an application that can convert the desktop of your device from a static screen into a lively wallpaper. The materials you can use for this program are very varied. It can be video, emulator, HTML, and GIF files. As a result, the files will turn into animated wallpaper after the transforming process. 

Lively Wallpaper possesses many features that make it stand out from other applications: 

  • The unit is easy to use. By just dragging and dropping, users can turn any file into lovely background windows 
  • It also comes up with a library that stores many animated photos. Users can use this image source for free. 
  • In case users want to try their creation to make their image, Lively Wallpaper provides them all such as 3D applications, live streams, audio visualizers, etc.  
  • The application offers a wide range of screen resolution support. 
  • Users can find the program with no sound regime. As the live streams or video launched on your computer, you won’t hear any sounds. 
  • It is defined as free and open-source software.

How To Utilize Lively Wallpaper – Guiding Tips 

Before setting this application on your desktop, check whether your computer has certain conditions such as Windows 10 operating system, HD graphics 3000, RAM with 2048 MB of memory volume, storage of 1 GB, and Intel i3 or equivalent processor. 

If you have used this application before, you will know that Lively Wallpaper is quite small. And during the installation process, if the .NET Core 3.1 is missing, you will have to download it. 

Once you have the program set up within your PC, let’s make a tour to obtain all its features. Here, we suggest you apply the System Tray icon to get into the main interface of the app. 

The point is the application has to work in the background. If you shut the program down, the animated wallpaper will also disappear. To add the new wallpaper, there are steps for you to follow: 

  • Press on  the “+” symbol of the application 
 Lively Wallpaper Windows 10

Lively Wallpaper provides users a wide range of beautiful images. 

  • Next, use the dragging and dropping feature to add the new picture. 
 Lively Wallpaper Windows 10

Dragging and dropping to utilize the image 

As mentioned above, you can change any type of file into the animated format with Lively Wallpaper. We have tried to apply with YouTube video, an application with the tail .exe, even an HTML page. This process won’t take much time from you. Just a bit of patience, you will own a beautiful live wallpaper

However, you are required to customize the wallpaper’s title and its data for a better view. The sound needs to be adjusted as well. If there is an output sound with the wallpaper, and you want to keep it along, just set up the function within the Audio section. 

 Lively Wallpaper Windows 10

Adjusting the audio 

The great thing we like about this application is its interface with preloaded wallpapers. Just click on any of them, you will have lovely live wallpapers behind the screen. You even can play around with the Matrix effect and the Fluids v2. 

In the Performance section, you can set up the regulars for battery and other performing functions. Be noted that this application will stop working when other programs such as games are launched on the system. 

Lively Wallpaper stands out from other opponents by its high standard. However, resource usage is its big drawback. The fact is this application requires much more resources than the static one. It can reach up to 6 percent of the processor use with just a few simple wallpapers. And the more images you utilize, the higher the rate of usage will be. 

So if you asked us, should you still have this application? In our opinion, this app is worth a try as it is open source and free. Also, you might want to have a great experience customizing your desktop with lovely and lively images. You can download the app directly from its official website. 

The Bottom Line! 

Those who have utilized Lively Wallpaper will fall in love with this application. Lively Wallpaper Windows 10 doesn’t require any technical skills from users. All you need to spend is time and a bit of patience. We hope this article was helpful to you in making a beautiful background desktop. Have a great time enjoying this software. 


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