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How To Fix Keyboard Lagging Windows 10 Error – Detailed Instructions

There are many ways to fix keyboard lagging Windows 10 errors. By reading this article, you will go through all of them one by one. Let’s get started! 

The keyboard is an essential part of every computer as this unit helps users input information much easier and more conveniently. However, a few users complained about the keyboard lagging Windows 10 error. It means they had to confront the letter appearance delay on the computer screen. This is quite itchy for those who are wanting to get their work done urgently. In today’s article, we will tell you more about this error and how to fix it in detail. Let’s scroll down to read!  

Keyboard Lagging Windows 10 Error: Troubleshooting 

When you see your keyboard is no longer responding, it is time to give it a check. Define the type of keyboard you are having and follow the below tests: 

Wired Keyboard Lag Windows 10

  • Try to unplug the USB port, wait for a few minutes before plugging it in again. Check how your keyboard works in both situations. 
  • Test your keyboard with another USB port to see if it works.
  • Test your keyboard with another computer. If it still delays responding, it means the problem is within your keyboards.

Wireless Keyboard Lag Windows 10

  • Cut off the connection between the keyboards and your device. Reconnect again to see if the lag changes. 
  • Try to work the keyboards with a different laptop. If the item works okay with another device, check our solutions below. 
  • Change the keyboard batteries to see if the lag still exists. 

If all the above attempts don’t help your keyboard work, try out the methods in our next part.

How To Fix Keyboard Lagging Windows 10 Error – Detailed Instructions 

If you are facing the keyboard lagging error, try one of our following methods: 

Turning Off The Filter Key 

One of the common reasons related to slow keyboard response Windows 10 is the filter function. So, you have to go to the Search box and look for the Use filter keys function and switch it off.  

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Looking for the Filter key function 

On the Settings window, change the slider to the Off mode before restarting your desktop. 

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Turning off the Filter keys 

Now check if the error still appears again. If yes, move to our second method! 

Applying Registry Editor 

With this method, you will have to apply a registry editor to solve the keyboard delay problem. Firstly, click on the combination of Windows and R keyboards to open the Run box. Next, write down Regedit before heading to the Enter button. 

Writing the regedit in the Run box 

Then, you will have to make a backup at this step. To do so, you will are required to follow the next steps: 

  • When the Registry Editor opens, choose the File section and select the Export option.
  • Store the backup in a folder.
keyboard lagging Windows 10

Making the backup 

This backup will assure you to revert the system to the previous regime in advance. 

The next stage is to follow the route: 


By this, you will have to search for PollStatusIterations in the Parameters section. It sounds a bit complicated, right? In case you can’t find the PollStatusIterations, create it! All you have to do is click on the right side of the mouse on the space, then choose New before sticking on DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the value PollStatusIterations as required. 

After that, click twice on this newly created value, change the Value Data to 1 before selecting the Ok button. 

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Changing value for PollStatusIterations

Finally, close the window and restart the computer to see if the keyboard works better. 

Uninstalling Keyboard Software 

Sometimes, Windows 10 keyboard lag can be solved by uninstalling the software. All you have to do is following the upcoming steps: 

  • Click on the combination of Windows and R keyboards to open the Run box.
  • Write down devmgmt.msc before pressing on the Enter button.
keyboard lagging Windows 10

Writing down the command 

  • In the newly opened windows, enlarge the Keyboards.
  • Click on the right side of the mouse on HID Keyboard Device, and choose Uninstall device.
Uninstalling the device 
  • Press on the Uninstall button to remove the driver from your desktop completely.
Pressing on the Uninstall button 

Finally, shut down the window and restart your PC. During this process, the driver will be set up again within your operating system. Don’t forget to check if the problem gets fixed. 

Changing Keyboard Properties 

Once, we faced the Logitech keyboard lag, we tried to change the properties of the keyboard. You know what? It worked successfully. 

Let us show you how we did it. 

Firstly, you have to click on the combination of the Windows and R keyboards to open the Run box. Then, write down the order: control keyboard. 

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Writing down the order in the Run box 

On the opened window, there are two options for you to choose from: repeat delay and repeat rate. Repeat delay means how much a key will be repeated by pressing on it. Adjust the slider to select the function that you prefer. About repeat rate, users can choose a repetition rate by using the keystrokes as they want. After adjusting these two features, head to the Apply option before selecting the Ok button. 

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Adjusting repeat delay and repeat rate function 

The last step is restarting your PC and checking the issue again. 

Running Keyboard Troubleshooter 

Running a troubleshooter can help figure out the real cause of keyboard lag Windows 10 error. Users should go to the Search box and write down Troubleshooting.  

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Finding the troubleshooting settings option 

You then will see a window like the below photo; choose Run the Troubleshooter to figure out the issue. This process will take a while, though. 

keyboard lagging Windows 10

Troubleshooting to figure out the error 

After that, this method also assists users with the attempted solutions. Restart the PCs to see the issue still show ups with your keyboards. 

The Bottom Line! 

No matter what type of computer you are using, you might face the keyboard lagging Windows 10. And for those who need to get their work done with the computers, this error is really disturbing. If you have tried all of our above solutions, but nothing seems to work. Then, it is time for you to buy a new keyboard. In case you still have questions, leave us a message! Good luck! 

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