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How To Adjust An Error Kernel_Security_Check_Failure In Windows 10?

One of the common data corruption problems is kernel_security_check_failure. Many of you might think this is an error caused by viruses, but it is not. This problem caused data corruption within the Windows operating system. If you get into trouble with this issue, then this article is for you. Here we will give you available methods of how to adjust the error. Let’s kick right in!     

Windows 10 Kernel Security Check Failure

Kernel error often appears on the screen desktop in typical blue color. 

Kernel Security Check Failure is one of the errors that commonly appear within your Windows operating system. It displayed as a message on the blue desktop screen when the files transferring process failed. According to the experts, the frequent reasons for windows stop code kernel security check failure are:

  • Out of date version of the driver 
  • Damaged file registry 
  • Problems with hardware components 
  • Interrupted BIOS
  • Problems with Unified Extensible Firmware interface 

In the next part, we will guide you on how to repair this technical issue. 

Kernel_Security_Check_Failure In Windows 10 – How To Repair?  

When you see a message pop-up on your screen saying about the files failed during either integrating or compatible processes, try one of the following methods:  

Using WinDbg To Analyze The Memory 

This technical issue can take place in the failed driver or system component.  Using a multipurpose debugger is one of the precise ways to figure out the original error as this tool allows users to analyze the crash inside the memory disk. 

Uninstall Overclocking Software 

Interestingly, overclocking computers may also lead to the Windows 10 kernel security check failure issue. Indeed, if you face this type of error, set back your computer to its default installation. There are overclocking programs running that require you to uninstall as well. Finally, restart your computer to see whether the problem gets fixed. 

Windows 10 Kernel Security Check Failure – Check The Hard Disk 

If you are confronting kernel security check failure windows 10, we suggest you check the hard disk of your computer by following the command as in the picture: 

Check the hard disk 

Check RAM

Besides checking the hard disk, giving a glance at the RAM can help you to point out the memory problems that cause this error. If there are several memory departments, then you have to check one by one before running diagnostics for the whole memory utility. For this test, you can try the tool like the picture below: 

Managing the ram

Check The Integrity Of The File Systems 

From our experience, the integrity of the file systems also can create kernel errors. We suggest you fix this problem by using the scanning command or BSOD kernel security check failure solution. 

Checking the file system 

The whole Windows operating system will be scanned through and get repaired later. 

Run System Restore 

We had restored the system when kernel security check failure windows 10 was happening. As a result, it worked quite well. However, there are features that you need to pay attention to before applying this method: 

  • This method should be used when the kernel error appears after installing new software as it helps to erase the optional applications. 
  • The recovery option within Windows 10 helps users to delete the operating system.
Restoring the system 

If you don’t want all files to disappear, remember to save them before running the option! 

Run The Safe Mode 

For users who don’t want to reset the operating system, we advise them to boot their computer with the Safe Mode. This mode will check if there is any computer issue related to this function or not. In case the problem is not indicated, then the error is rooted in an application. So, all you have to do here is uninstall the problematic software.

Update The Device Driver 

Well, one of the reasons for stop code kernel security check failure is outdated device drivers. Our solution here is using the latest version of drivers for controllers, GPU, and motherboard. To do so, purchase the application with a reputable vendor. If you are a newbie in this field, it’s better to ask other IT experts for trustworthy vendors on the market.  

Update The BIOS

Our final solution for you is resetting the basic input/output system by restarting the computer. With this method, you will have to determine the present firmware version first. Then check whether there are a few versions of it available on the original motherboard! After that, update the latest version following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

The Bottom Line! 

The kernel_security_check_failure can occur at any time to anyone, which causes users to struggle with using their computers. This article aimed to give you basic solutions for this error, and we hope it was helpful to you. If you have other ways of fixing this issue, don’t hesitate to share with us! Good luck!

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