Install Canon ScanGear Tool

Install Canon Scangear Tool – Quick 8 Steps

You want to scan and send your document directly from your Canon copier to your computer? If so, we bet that you will need to install Canon ScanGear tool – which is the official aid from Canon’s software. Scroll down for a more detailed guide on installing the ScanGear tool!

Some Basic Things About Canon Scangear Tool

This tool can be applied in most scanners (such as CanoScan LiDE, CanoScan N, CanoScan MF series, and so on) to scan your data or documents via the internet. Accompanying the software, you can set up diverse scanning configurations (including quality, color or size settings, or resolution, etc.). 

Choosing the Canon ScanGear allows you to utilize it in any platform, from advanced Windows 10 to basic XP Windows and even Windows Server versions.  

Besides, the ScanGear from Canon is designed to fit the TWAIN and with any program compatible with the TWAIN driver interface. 

CanoScan LiDE Scanner

Now the essential step you need to capture is to know how to Install Canon ScanGear Tool to connect and take advantage of your devices. Let’s dive into our short and combat instructions. 

How to Install Canon ScanGear Tool

Canon ScanGear Tool

Step 1: Download ScanGear

Visit Canon’s website and download the Canon ScanGear Tool by clicking one of two below links: 

Download Color Network ScanGear V2.71 for Windows x64

Download Color Network ScanGear V2.71 for Windows x86

On the current site, the dominant option on this official site of Canon is Version 2.71 of Scangear Canon, which can connect with most Canon copy machines. 

There are two main versions for your choice, particularly one for 64-bit and the other for 32-bit Windows systems. Let’s check your machine’s operating platform belongs to which one system and click download the correct model. 

Note: The TWAIN is a 32-bit scan driver that can only be installed on 32-bit applications. Thus, it would be best if you thought thoughtfully before selecting which link you need to download. 

Step 2: Extract files

Click Run The EXE file you have just downloaded. In most cases, the contents after unpacking from the EXE file will locate in the user’s TEMP folder.

Besides, the location of the TEMP folder is different on various operating systems. 

  • If you use Windows 10 or Windows 7, take a look at this folder path C:\UsersName\UserApp\DataLocal\Temp
  • If you use Windows 2003 or Windows XP, glide through the folder path C:\Documents and SettingsName\UserLocal Settings\Temp.

Step 3: Set up Scangear Tool 

Before you start the setup process, it is very important to create the connection between your scanner and USB or the COM port (depends on various versions)

Run the extracted file placed at the TEMP folder and follow any pop-up instruction form to properly set up this ScanGear Tool. 

Step 4

Click the button “Test Connection” to know the status of the connection. 

After you finish the third stage, let’s activate the Canon scan gear tool and fill in the IP address of your copy machine. Additionally, do not forget to check whether this connection is successful or not by clicking the button “Test Connection.”

Step 5

At this stage, you can begin scanning your document with the copier. 

Note: Windows 10 and Windows 7, or even XP have a location of modes following the below path: Start Menu\ Microsoft Office\ Microsoft Office Tools\ Microsoft Office Document Scanning

The location of “Microsoft Office Document Scanning” modes 

Step 6

Now it is your Canon copy machine’s turn. Switch your copier into working mode by pressing the large SCAN button and choose the “Online” option to turn on SCAN mode.

Once the searching feature is on, the client ScanGear function of your device will also be activated.

Step 7

Put the document paper you need to scan into the feed tray, which is on the top of your Canon copier. 

Note: It would not scan unless the feeder has some document or paper inside.

Step 8

Following this, choose the color option for your document to scan.  After finishing this stage, the computer would start scanning the data/ documents right after that.

Choose the color option for your document that you need to scan

Trouble With Scangear Tool On Windows 10

Cannot connect  with Canon scanner after updating Windows 10

After upgrading your computer’s system to Windows 100, you might feel stuck with some troubles related to the ScanGear Tool. Besides, one of the most common issues may come from the incompatibility between the new Windows and the Canon appliances. 

Suppose you meet a warning (the below image) when you attempt to connect the computer with your scanner. In that case, the problem might relate to the connection between your previous model and the driver platform. It is possible that your new platform, particularly Windows 10 and its WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) service, has not yet been linked to your scanner driver.

Some troubles you can be stuck with Scangear Tool on Windows 10

Short Guide To Solve The Issue

To resolve this problem while connecting with your scanner, follow the below short instructions to re-setup the ScanGear Tool and the scan driver:

  1. Uninstall the previous version ScanGear Tool of the Scanner Canon driver (if the uninstaller froze up, attempt to remove it in Safe mode of Windows.)
  2. Search, check, and download the most recent Twain scanner driver from the official Canon website.
  3. Start installing Scangear mf download ver 2.71 
  4. Operate the services.msc instrument panel and search for the WIA service. 
  5. Examine which Startup kind is installed to Automatic type.
  6. Turn on the Login Tab
  7. Choose the service type to operate at the Local System Account and select the choice permitting service to interact with the desktop.
  8. Move on the Recovery tab, then check Restart Service. 
  9. Pressing OK to save the above changes
  10.  Try to use your reinstalled scanner to scan the documents.

Install Canon ScanGear Tool: Conclusion

Until now, we believe that you have already comprehended how to install Canon ScanGear Tool properly and correctly. Moreover, you can quickly solve the most common trouble with the Scangear Tool on Windows 10 by yourself.

Good luck to you and don’t forget to follow us to collect more practical knowledge for our lives.

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