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11 Proven Tips On How To Fix Screen Tearing

Screen tearing is a common configuration error that PC users often encounter. This is not a tremendously difficult task, but it takes a lot of time to deal with it. If you are having trouble now, this article will guide you on how to fix screen tearing. Don’t worry too much as we have many ways to fix this problem. Let’s check it out.

What Causes Screen Tearing? 

Screen tearing is a form of PC screen distortion. Another manifestation is the display of multiple frames in a single frame. This error is more likely to occur on computers that have display hardware such as graphics cards installed.

how to fix screen tearing
Screen tearing

So what are the factors that cause screen tearing?

There are two main reasons for this problem. First, the video feed to the device is out of sync with the display’s refresh rate. It results in image tearing lines due to phase displacement variation. This problem occurs mainly with NVIDIA users.

The lack of sync between the two equal frame rates is the second root cause. When the edges of objects (such as walls or trees) are not aligned, they create tears.

It is difficult to determine what is actually affecting your PC monitor. Therefore, you need to follow the correct sequence of the solutions provided below. 

How To Fix Screen Tearing

Solution 1: Reboot Your Computer

Sometimes, a simple act like restarting your computer can have unexpected effects. The main purpose of this action is to restore feed and synchronize screen output.

It would help if you kept in mind to disable all applications on the computer to not cause bad effects of the sudden intervention.

After the boot process, re-run the application to check if the problem has been completely removed. If this solution does not work, try the next one.

Solution 2: Adjust Game FPS

What to do if you have trouble with PC screen tearing while playing a game? In this case, the game’s FPS (frames per second) is likely higher than that of the graphics card on your computer. It will help if you try to change this setting.

Below is the sequence to conduct the FPS adjustment: 

  • Step 1: Access the game’s settings and look for the video/graphics settings section.
  • Step 2: Go to the FPS/Frame Rate option.
  • Step 3: Reduce the FPS value lower than the graphics card’s level.
  • Step 4: Re-check the problem. If it is still going on, move on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Set New Resolution And Refresh Rate

If changing your game’s FPS is ineffective, you can try changing your computer’s resolution and refresh rate. You should follow those steps below:

  • Step 1: Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Enter “resolution” in the search bar and find results with the form “change the resolution of the display.
how to fix screen tearing
The search result
  • Step 2: The Display Settings window will pop up. Then, you have to find the Advanced display settings option at the bottom of this tab.
The Display Settings window
  • Step 3: Right-click on Display adapter properties for Display 1 in the next display window.
how to fix screen tearing

Display adapter properties for Display 1 option

  • Step 4: Choose the List All Modes button on the Adapter tab.
how to fix screen tearing
Adapter tab
  • Step 5: Now, you can find a list of all resolution & FPS options recommended for your PC. Try them out one by one until choosing a model that matches your graphics card and device’s general settings. Remember to check Windows 10 screen tearing after each change.

If the results are not what you expected, restore the initial setting and try the next solution.

Solution 4: Enable / Disable NVIDIA VSync

This is an exclusive measure for computers using NVIDIA cards. Luckily, its Vsync option automatically handles rate stuttering and screen tearing fix.

If the problems mentioned earlier are due to a mismatch between the graphics card’s frame rate and the computer setup, try turning VSync on or off. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the PC screen and choose NVIDIA Control Panel option.
how to fix screen tearing
NVIDIA Control Panel option
  • Step 2: In the left column of the pop-up window, you have to open the Manage 3D Settings tab by clicking the 3D Settings section. After that, on the right half of the screen, select Vertical Sync and turn it on or off depending on the current setting of this indicator.
Vertical Sync
  • Step 3: Close the Control Panel tab and check the computer for the latest status.

Solution 5: Authorize “Wait for Vertical Refresh” Option In AMD

Will this error be fixed if you are an AMD? Don’t worry, as you can do the same tweaks in the AMD Control Panel. The execution method seems even simpler than solution 5. 

Firstly, go to the AMD Control Panel in the same way as to open the NVIDIA Control Panel mentioned above. After that, double-click on the Global Settings menu. Lastly, check the status of the Wait for Vertical Refresh option. You need to make sure the indicator is “Always on.” 

Solution 6: Disable Game Mode & Full-screen Optimization

Disable Game Mode

Windows has introduced a new feature-rich in recent system updates – Game Mode. The publisher offers a more convenient experience such as system optimization, one-touch screenshots, and gameplay recording. However, the users have also complained about the change, causing issues such as game crashes or screen tearing.

If your computer suffers the same thing, try disabling this mode in Window 10 by doing the following steps:

  • Step 1: Use the Win + I key combination to go to the Setting menu and select the Gaming option.
Windows Setting menu
  • Step 2: On the left pane, click on the Game bar option. After that, turn the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar button off.
Game bar option
  • Step 3: Now, we move to the Broadcasting option and disable the Record audio when I broadcast option.
Broadcasting option
  • Step 4: Close all the applications and restart your computer.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization

If the problem is still not resolved, you can try the procedure below:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the application icon, which needs a screen tearing fix to open the Properties windows.
Properties option
  • Step 2: Go to the Compatibility tab and tick the line Disable fullscreen optimization.
Compatibility tab
  • Step 3: Close the windows and open the game again to check the problem.

Solution 7: Set Launch Options In Steam

In case your PC launch a game in Steam, here is one way to fix the screen tearing bug:

  • Step 1: As soon as you open Steam, you will see a list of the game titles available on your computer. Make a right-click on the one that suffers screen tearing and select Properties.
Properties menu
  • Step 2: In the properties window, double-click on the Set Launch Options button.
Set Launch Options button
  • Step 3: Enter -windowed -noborder in the pop-up window, then click OK to confirm.
Type in the Launch Option tab

Solution 8: Update / Reinstall Graphics Driver

Another cause of screen tearing error is an outdated or faulty graphics card. To deal with it, you should update the Graphics Driver. The worse scenario is that you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

You need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Press the Win + R key combination to open the menu. Then, select the Device Manager option.
Device Manager option
  • Step 2: Click on the Display adapters for details. Find the graphics card driver and make a right-click. Then, select the Update driver option.
Select Update driver option
  • Step 3: Click on Search automatically for updated driver software option on the new window.
Search automatically for updated driver software option

Your computer will now begin updating its graphics card driver. During this time, you will need to pay close attention to the instructions to complete this process.

However, if you get a message that there is no new update or the update process does not resolve the issue, you will need to reinstall the graphics card driver.

Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Open the Device Manager window and do the same as the update procedure. The only difference is that you choose the Uninstall device option.
The Uninstall device option
  • Step 2: This action will lead you to the web address of your graphics card manufacturer. Remember to download the latest version and also compatible with your graphics card model. Finally, run the downloaded driver.

Solution 9: Turn Off Frame Limit In-Game

Another cause of screen tearing is the Frame Limit feature. You can disable this option to check whether this is helpful.

Firstly, open the in-game menu and look for the Frame Limit option. Usually, it is under the video or graphics section. Then you just need to switch the feature’s status to off. If the solution does not work, restore all settings and try other ways.

Solution 10: Turn Off Smooth Scrolling

Sometimes, you have to go through a screen tear when scrolling browsers like Chrome. One suggestion is to disable the Smooth Scrolling feature.

We will guide you through this in the order below:

Process In Chrome Browser

Perform the opening of a new tab and enter in the address bar chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling. Press Enter to go to the Smooth Scrolling option. Finally, select the Disable status to turn off this function.

Process In Firefox Browser

Follow the same steps as instructed with Chrome browser. However, the address to enter is about:preferences.

Process In Edge Browser

  • Step 1: Use Win + R to access the Run tab. Type systempropertiesadvanced in the search bar.
The Run box
  • Step 2: In the System Properties window, go to the Advanced tab. Then make a click on the Settings button in the Performance section.
The Performance section
  • Step 3: In the Visual Effects tab, uncheck the smooth-scroll list boxes option and click OK to complete the process.
how to fix screen tearing
Visual Effect tab

If this measure fails to resolve the issue, now we move to the last solution.

Solution 11: Use Another Browser

If you experience screen tearing in a specific browser or unable to perform the solution 10 above, you can try switching to a different browser.

In Conclusion

This article has just shown you how to fix screen tearing. Although many measures are put in place and trying them one by one takes quite a bit of time to find the most suitable solution, it would be best to be careful and calm. As the last word, we hope that one of the above has helped resolve this configuration error.

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