How To Change PSN Name

How To Change PSN Name? – Best Guideline For You!

It’s time you got bored of your PSN name? But How To Change PSN Name then? Can you change it on PS4 and on the web? Read this article for more details!

Didn’t know that your PSN name was permanent and chose a boring random one? Is it possible to change that tedious name? The answer is YES, but how? 

Read this article for a detailed guide and explanation on how to change PSN name!

Can I Change My PSN Name?

Once you sign up for a PSN account, the default natural PSN name will be your fixed ID. This is probably a feature that makes users uncomfortable because they cannot change to their other favorite names

How To Change PSN Name?

Fortunately, a miracle happened when in October 2018, Sony announced they would allow users to rename their PSN on both PS4 and the web in October 2018. Read on for more information about steps on PS4 change name!

How To Change PSN Name? 

You need to know before changing your PSN that not every PS4 name is changeable. Specifically, only the games released on April 1, 2018, support the name change feature; the older versions are mostly unavailable to support changing your PSN and might lead to some risks. 

How To Change PSN Name

Can You Change PSN Name? – Best Answer For You!

A tip for you to limit your risk is to double-check the game listings to make sure the PSN change is safe!

If everything goes smoothly, you just need to follow the steps to proceed. Now we have prepared some steps for you to change your PSN name, continue reading!

How To Change Your PSN Name On PS4

  • Starting with Settings
  • Go to Configuration> Accountant Information > Profile > Online ID choose Account Management > Online ID.
  • Enter your choice of a new PSN name (or one of the suggestions).
  • To finalize the adjustment, follow the on-screen instructions.

Change Your PSN Name On A Web

  • Log in and choose the PSN Profile for your PlayStation Network account.
  • Choose Edit next to your online identification.
  • Enter your choice of new PSN name.
  • To finalize the adjustment, follow the on-screen instructions.

Moreover, changing your PSN name into a new one doesn’t mean you’ve lost the old name. Or, if you’re afraid your friends or acquaintances won’t recognize the new name, you can put the old and new PSN names side by side for 30 days. 

Even if you’ve already changed your name, you can always apply these steps to revert your old PSN name. 

Additional information for those who look for an answer on how to change PlayStation name is that you should be careful with the first change. Why? Except for the first time, everything after that comes with a fee. Hence, make sure to choose a name that will remain for a long time before changing PSN name!

Final Thought

Now, you’ve got your answer on how to change PSN name and other useful notes related to this topic. As mentioned above, please remember that there will be a fee after the first time you change PS4 name, so ensure to choose the one that won’t make you regret it quickly after that!

Hope you find a good PSN name and change it up in a perfect way!


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