Function Keys Not Working Windows 10
Windows 10

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10: How To Fix This Issue?

Check our article to find solutions to fix this error “Function Keys Not Working Windows 10”. Let’s get started!

Are you unable to use function keys on your Windows 10? That happens to most computer users. Sometimes you may find none of the keys are working. As a result, you’re even thinking of going to the store to get a new one. So, read more to discover some solutions for this “Function Keys Not Working Windows 10” problem before purchasing a new keyboard!

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10: Overview Problem

Function keys contain 12 programmable keys assigned with a secondary function that typical keys do not, which can be very beneficial at times, such as speeding up certain tasks. 

However, several simple shortcuts on the laptop will be useless to use if these keys don’t work. Especially several Acer, Asus, and other laptop users have complained that their Windows 10 function keys not working.

In this situation, the function keys on the keyboard are unresponsive when pressed. Maybe because they are deactivated, have out-of-date keyboard drivers, or be disabled due to hardware difficulties on a computer.

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10:  Some Tips To Fix This Issue

This section gives you the most basic methods to repair function keys not working Windows 10 and reset the computer’s function keys. Continue reading!

Tip 1: Use Fn/ F lock / F mode key

In fact, with some keyboards, there’s a certain number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously, so this can be a way to solve the problem. Let’s follow the below ways to lock or unlock your function keys:

  • First, look for any Fn/ F lock/ F mode key on your PC. Then, press that and any function key concurrently and check to see whether it’s working.


  • Press and release the Fn/ F lock/ F mode key once. Then test with the function key to avoid the Fn key not working windows 10 situation.

Note: If your “F keys not working windows 10” don’t work, try the next tip.

Tip 2: Try F11 or F12 key

If you failed to try the first tip and were unable to resolve the situation, “my f keys don’t work.” However, don’t worry about this situation because it is just the usual case.

Instead, you can press F11 / F12 to fix the issues. Try doing this a few times.

Note:  If it still doesn’t work, move on to the next tip.

Tip 3: Disable filter keys

1. Press the “Windows key + R” to open the run once.

2. Next, type “control panel”  into the box  ->  click “OK.”

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10

“Run” box

3. Then, Click on “Ease of Access.”

4. Click on “Ease of access center.”

5. Continue to click on “Ease of access center Settings.”

6. Then, select the “Make the keyboard easier to use” option.

7.  Locate the “Filter Keys” option and make sure “Turn on Filter Keys” is not checked.

8. After turning off this option, click “Apply” and “OK” to save changes.

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10

Set up Filter Keys Box

Tip 4: Try updating the keyboard driver 

The function keys not working could be caused by outdated or defective keyboard software. You can use these instructions to upgrade your keyboard software: 

1. First, press “Windows Key+X” once.

“Windows Key+X” action

2. And click the “Device Manager. “

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10
Click “Device Manager”

 3. Then, look for “Keyboards” in the right pane and expand it.

4. Select the driver from the drop-down box. Right-click it and select “Update driver” from the menu that appears.

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10

 Click “Keyboards” → Select “Update Driver

5. A prompt will appear that asks, “How do you wish to find the drivers?”

6. Select “Automatically search for updated driver software” from the menu of options.

Function Keys Not Working Windows 10

Step 5 & step 6 action

Final Words

Hopefully, our post can help anyone with “function keys not working in windows 10”. Also, we do hope you can successfully apply the useful ways listed above to deal with those unwanted problems! Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next article!

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