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Can You Type Without Looking? Learn The Skill With 8 Free Typing Programs!

If we have to decide on that one fear we always have when settling down in front of the PCs, the answer would be typing! There is no arguing it; typing is the modern new nightmare, only second to computer crashing and WiFi drops. Why did you think people came up with the idea of free typing programs?

To save our inert fingers from the endless series of mistakes on the keyboard, what else?

If you think you are beginning to develop a phobia for keyboards, look no further than the list below. We are going to introduce you to the most optimal typing-training freebies, decided by considering and comparing multiple top-tested tools. Rest assured about their reliability!

The 8 Free Typing Programs That Can Be Your Typing Tutor

There is nothing wrong with trying to get through the hardship of typing on your own. But the real question is, are you confident that you know what to do? 

We will have you know that treading water and no progress are usually the cases of beginners when they fail to pick up at least a simple technique. Don’t go down their path; make the job easier for yourself with some help from these typing applications.


Free Typing Programs

Typing is all about muscle memory and how fast your fingers can go. KeyBlaze’s smart training lessons have all you need to perfect both without putting in an effort.

The free typing software creates a suitable learning environment right behind the screen, where helpful lessons categorized by difficulty levels are available. 

We think it is important to stress that these features make it a wonderful option for more than newbies. Even a skilled typist can make good use of any test labeled complicated for better typing speed.

KeyBlaze also provides an add-in bundle to track your progress, like what a real-life typing tutor would do. Make one mistake, and the alarm will start howling while the typo automatically turns red. When the test is over, your performance will be marked down in the report section, and you can always head there for a review.

Sure, we get it that the interface does not look like it belongs to this decade. But believe it or not, KeyBlaze’s developers care a lot about making their tool the standard of typing assistant, proven by the fact that they update it once every couple of months. They even have the heart to include a touch typing instructional guidance in the program itself.

Typing Trainer

Free Typing Programs
Typing Trainer

Fun, easy, and nowhere close to time-consuming, that is the brief summary of Typing Trainer. 

Its intuitive interface requires no learning curve, which is a big plus since there is no need to waste time figuring out how this typing practice software works. Wait until the download is completed, and you can proceed with mastering touch typing right away.

Its dashboard is just as simple, with lessons being divided into two different categories, Quick Typing Boost and Typing Analyzer. Although their goals are to send your fingers flying on the keyboard, their focused sections are not entirely the same. 

Quick Typing Boost can be viewed as a beginner’s training center. Everything here is mostly simple, time-limited tests to sharpen your reflex and increase mind-hand coordination. Getting accustomed to these basics is the first step to mistake-free typing habits.

Typing Analyzer is your destination after graduating from that course, for it goes for a more professional approach. It helps brush up on your typing skills with in-depth analysis alongside detailed feedback.

This is not the end of the surprise you can find when using the tool. A huge number of the lessons inside its cache are actually available in the form of games to keep users highly engrossed. Educational and entertaining at the same time!

Max Type Pro

Free Typing Programs
Max Type Pro

One of the best typing software for windows 10 to pump the skills of touch typing into your clumsy fingers, or at least speed up the improvements. 

The learning series to change how you type comes in a systematic arrangement that puts result and quality before quantity. It does not aim for hundreds of lessons. Instead, the number falls around 20 or so, but all are informative and simple enough for you to realize why you cannot do better, then try to adapt and adjust for a better level of skills.

The program also features a wealth of practical mini-test so that you can put what knowledge you have absorbed to practical use. And it does not require you to just go and work your hands on the keys, but display a virtual color-coded keyboard telling you what to press and which finger to use. Honing the pace of typing and accuracy is never simpler!

Getting the results can be quite a process to eagerly look forward to, for Max Type Pro grades and gives you medals judging on how you have performed. Weekly report is also a part of the training so you can see how far you have come ever since the starting point.

Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Free Typing Programs
Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Staying true to what it is called, this one choice among the best free typing tutors has a rather… unique approach to the typing game. 

The basic feature package provides a training system that takes you from baby tapping hands from expert touch typists. All that you expect from a quality tool, such as lessons covering different difficulty levels, guidelines about the correct finger positions, and reports so you understand your mistakes through and through are all here.

Their developers are even aware of how uninteresting leveling up the typing techniques can get sometimes. As a result, they have thrown in quite a treat for your mind: A mini-game that keeps the learning mood high and minimizes distractions. And, yes, it is typing-themed!

But what takes the cake is not the tool’s ability to track your pace or rate of accuracy, but how it has a section reserved for your creativity. You can access plenty of resources to build your own practice course and use that in place of the default options.

You are the only one knowing where your typing needs changing and what exercise might be missing from the tool’s database. Needless to say, this can pretty much be your key to get out of the trouble spots.

Bodie’s Typing Tutor

Bodie’s Typing Tutor

As versatile and feature-rich as they can be, most of the programs up there can be too much when you want nothing more than the fundamentals. Bodie’s Typing Tutor can be the ideal typing software for that kind of over-simplistic demand.

This tool consists of a blank screen for letter displaying found everywhere else, several built-in excercises to pick up the typing habit, a basic color scheme that tells you where to place your fingers. 

And… that’s all. Not much, but it suffices for anyone short on time and can spare all but some minutes per day. 

Remember, basic never equals imperfect. Rather than having their mind on the addition of new features, the developers focus on completing its main features. The levels to practice abound, just as the availability of the typing patterns. You will always need total control of both your hands for the best results. 

Plus, it comes with a standard mistake detector that automatically colors your typos in red. Your typing time will also be recorded as you go through the lessons. Keep up the daily practice, slowly but surely build yourself some muscle memory, and you can see the improvements.

Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Kiran’s Typing Tutor was once an all-time favorite typing suite with how it manages to integrate an award-winning training system into a free tool. In general, as long as it has something to do with typing, you can find a lesson for it here. 

Even the teachers of touch typing will find the program appealing because it offers kid-friendly lessons, which is perfect to nurture the quick typing habits inside their mini versions at a young age.

But the reason why we decided to add this tool to the list is that all the exercises come with a professional-grade kit to evaluate your results. The users’ level does not matter. There is a reminder of which finger to run on the keyboard, parameters for speed and accuracy, as well as the words and keystrokes you manage in one minute. 

All the factors making or breaking your typing skills will be analyzed properly there, and then shown in a performance chart you can access later on, letting you keep track of your progress easily.

What we find to be quite a pleasant surprise in Kiran’s Typing Tutor is the games it has come in quite a diversity. We did not expect this in a typing program at first. If you feel like the typing tests are getting harder, move to this section and you can enjoy yourself without giving up.

GNU Typist

GNU Typist

This best free typing software works wonderfully for those who intend to move past their slow typing phase in a serious attitude. Take a look and you will see its developers were quite serious themselves. 

GNU Typist follows an all-work-and-no-play approach, considering how its interface already has so much in resemblance to a code-composing screen at first sight. Here, you can find lessons of different levels to brush up on your skills, but absolutely no games.

Even what it teaches you goes with their own alphabetic code names. You will start at the top, where the training is simple to get used to a keyboard’s layout, then move down the ladder as you advance forward.

But no matter the lesson, everything will begin with a brief introduction and guideline. The challenge comes later when you are ready.

Being a choice for serious learners, GNU Typist comes with enough features to evaluate your current skill level, including the ratio of speed and typos. Interestingly enough, it also calculates the error percentage a typist allowed to make, giving you some sort of motivation.

Tux Typing

Tux Typing

We know full well the struggle of teaching your children the necessity of touch typing, only to have them run away because the programs look so unappealing. Download Tux Typing, and you can have their little fingers on the keyboard all day long!

Being an option for kids, this is the opposite of GNU, all play and hardly any work. Literally! Here, your kids can explore a world of typing-related gameplay with several difficulty levels. All of them require them to put both their hands into actions and memorize the keyboard letters in order to achieve the top grades. 

Throughout the time, you will little by little notice how faster they can type. And since they must remember the words to play the game, perhaps their memory will also receive a massive boost without you trying to feed them carrots or broccoli. (This can save you from another struggle, we may add)

If you want to download the tool for yourself, we figure it might work as well. But remember, the lessons are super simple so a child can get through them. It does not make a top choice for serious learning, unless you solely want some good fun.


Typing, especially touch typing, is one of the modern challenges we have to overcome. And since we could not run away from it, since particularly any career requires at least intermediate keyboard skills, we can only choose to improve our techniques.

At least there is some good news. The best free typing programs are always within reach, so we are not on our own. 

In this list, we have already given you the name of 8 most popular choices to brush up on your ability. Their efficiency is beyond question, so we are sure that you can be satisfied no matter your final decision.

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