Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
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How To Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80070035 – Pro Tips

Microsoft’s Windows operating system allows two computers connected to the same network to share data. However, some users are facing an issue when attempting to share files and data – the network path was not found.

One of the most convenient ways of transferring files between two systems is to do it via an internal network. However, while attempting to share resources, a few users have received the following error:

The error code 0x80070035 the network path was not found windows 10.

Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Are you the one getting the error code 0x80070035 when connecting your Windows 10 machine to an internal network? Trying to find a solution to fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035? The network route could not be detected. We will help you with a comprehensive list of fixes.


This issue can be caused by a number of factors, one of which is that the computer’s name (with which you are attempting to connect) is too long. Rename the destination to something shorter and try again. If that doesn’t work, try the techniques listed below.

Solution 1 – Enable SMB V1.0

First and foremost, you must determine if the issue is due to the fact that the hazardous legacy SMB v1.0 protocol is deactivated by default in Windows 10 1709 and newer.

You won’t be able to attach to shared network folders on a network device that only allows access via SMBv1 protocol (for instance, an outdated version of NAS storage, a PC running Windows XP/Windows Server 2003) from the newest Windows 10 releases.

You may also obtain the error “0x80070035 the network path was not found” while accessing the resource through the UNC path (NASname). Use the following command to see if the SMBv1 protocol is enabled in Windows 10:

Dism /online /Get-Features /format:table | find “SMB1Protocol”

Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

As you can see, the SMB1 Protocol-Client functionality is deactivated in this case. Using the Control Panel to allow the older SMB client to access network devices via the SMBv1 protocol: 

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support -> SMB 1.0 / CIFS Client. 

Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

You may alternatively navigate to the dialog for installing features by running the optionalfeatures.exe command. You may also use the DISM command to enable the SMB 1 client:

Dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:”SMB1Protocol-Client”.

Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

You must restart the computer after installing the SMBv1 client to see if access to the network folder has appeared. It’s critical! Keep in mind that the SMB1 client, specifically SMB1-Server, is susceptible and has a huge number of remote exploitation vulnerabilities when you activate it. 

Disable the SMB v1 protocol if you don’t need it to access old devices. If the SMBv1 client has not been used for more than 15 days on Windows 10 1709 and later, it is immediately uninstalled.

Solution 2 – Allow Insecure Guest Logons To Be Used

You must activate the insecure guest logon policy if you utilize anonymous access to join NAS or any other machines. It restricts access to shared network files using the SMB 2.0 protocol under an unidentified (guest) account in Windows 1803/1709.

To do so, navigate to the GPO portion of the Windows 10 Local Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and enable the Enable insecure guest logons policy: Computer Configuration -> Administrative templates -> Network -> Lanman Workstation.

Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Alternatively, you may use the registry to allow SMB network access under the guest account with the command:

reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters /v AllowInsecureGuestAuth /t reg_dword /d 00000001 /f

Solution 3 – Make Sure The Folder’s Sharing Is Turned On

  1. Go to Properties by right-clicking on the disk you want to access.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Go to the Sharing tab and see if the network path is marked as Not Shared. After that, select Advanced Sharing from the drop-down menu.
  2. Tick the box for Share this folder in the Advanced sharing window. Check that you’ve typed in the right drive name. Finally, choose Apply and then Ok to save the changes.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Next, use Windows key + R to start a command prompt, then input the folder’s name and click Enter. After that, you may access the folder without any problems.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Solution 4 – Turn Off Antivirus And Firewall Softwares

Another way to solve error code 0x80070035 is to follow the instructions below to switch off the Windows Defender Firewall:

  1. To launch the Control panel, press Windows + R, type control panel in the Run box, and then press the Enter key.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Click on Windows Defender Firewall from the list, then select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left-hand side.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. You must now pick the radio button next to the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option (not recommended). This is a procedure that must be completed for both the Private and Public network settings.
  2. Finally, click OK to preserve the changes and restart your computer.

Solution 5– Reinstall The Network Adapters As Well As The Hidden Adapters If Possible

  1. Open the run dialog box once again (Windows + R), type devmgmt.msc, and hit the Enter key. The Device Manager will open accordingly.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Now, in the Device Manager window, go to the View tab and tick the Show hidden devices box.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. You’ll be able to see the hidden adapters and remove them by right-clicking on all of them.
  2. Check for the problem by rebooting your computer.

Solution 6 – Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP

For many users, this solution to the Windows 10 explorer network error 0x80070035 the network path was not found works. So, to activate NetBIOS via TCP/IP, follow the instructions below.

  1. By using the Windows + R keys, you may open the run box, where you should type ncpa.cpl and hit the Enter key. This will reveal WiFi’s properties.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Choose Properties from the right-click menu on the WiFi network.
  2. To access the properties for the Internet Protocol Version 4, double-click on it.
  3. Then go to the Advanced menu and choose the WINS tab.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Finally, in the NetBIOS settings, choose the radio box next to Enable NetBIOS via TCP/IP Then, to save the changes, click OK.

Solution 7 – Turn On Network Discovery

Verify the Private network profile is set as the profile name (Private (Current profile)) in the Network and Sharing Center area of the Control Panel on both machines. Check these settings are turned on:

  • Activate network discovery + Activate automated device setup for networked devices.
  • Share files and printers by turning on file and printer sharing.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Enable the following options in the All Networks section:

  • Disable password-protected sharing.
  • Turn on sharing.

Solution 8 – Delete All Windows Credentials

  1. To launch the Run window, press Win + R and type command Control panel. To open the Control Panel window, press Enter.
  2. Choose Credential Manager from the list of options.
  3. Remove all of the credentials from the Windows Credential area and restart the system.
  4. On the same page, select Add a Windows Credential and manually enter the credentials.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

Solution 9 – Using Credential Manager

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Now select View by Large Icons from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose Credential manager
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Now, click on Windows credentials.
  2. Make a new Windows credential for the NAS computer where your shared folder is located.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to use the credentials of a user on that computer who has administrator access to the share.

Solution 10 – Modify The Network Security Settings

To modify the Network Security Settings, carefully follow the procedures below.

  1. Type secpol.msc into the run box (Windows + R) and hit the Enter key. This step will bring up the window for the Local Security Policy.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1.  Go to the Local Policies -> Security Options.
  2. Double-click and open the properties for Network security: LAN Manager Authentication Level in the right pane.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Finally, choose Send LM & NTLM-use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated from the drop-down option.

Solution 11 – Add Reliable Multicast Protocol

  1. Press the Windows + R key at the same time on your keyboard to open the Run box.
  2. Type ncpa.cpl in it and click OK.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Choose properties from the context menu when you right-click on your Ethernet.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Locate the checkbox, choose The connection utilizes the following elements and then tick Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Version 4 from the drop-down menu.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Select the Install option.  Then, in the Select Network Feature Type wizard, select Protocol and click Add.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. Select Reliable Multicast Protocol from the Network Protocol pop-up menu, then OK.
Fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035
  1. It is expected that if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to resolve the error “check the spelling of the name otherwise there might be a problem with your network.”


We hope this article will help you fix Windows 10 Error code 0x80070035 or network path not found Windows 10. You avoid additional problems, make sure to input the instructions correctly and carefully follow the solutions provided.

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