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How To Fix Registry Windows 10 Error? – An Ultimate Guide

You must fix Registry Windows 10 error as soon as you acknowledge it. This error can make your computer become a useless block. It starts with a minor corruption then ends up with an infinite chain in your Windows system. Or worse, all of your invaluable data will vanish because of a Registry problem. 

With this article, you will learn about the causes behind Registry corruption and solutions to solve it as early as possible. No time to waste, let’s check it out!

Typical Reasons Why You Have A Registry Corruption

First and foremost, you need to know the causes that damage your Windows 10 registry.

There are various reasons why you have a corrupted registry in your computer. A manual alteration in the Registry is one of the most common causes of corruption. Even the tiniest modification in the Registry can sometimes result in significant problems. That’s why it is usually a good idea to avoid messing with the Registry except when you know clearly what you do. 

If a registry error occurs, it may imply one of these problems in your PC:

  • You no longer can start your computer. You can experience a blue-screen problem during starting, and the boot will be limited to the blue screen.
  • You still can start up the system since the damage is minor. However, your computer is likely to crash with a blue-screen error while running. All of your previously unsaved files will be lost. Although you will be able to use your PC for a short time if you encounter this issue, the risks of further corrupting your PC’s Registry are higher.

Regardless of whether you can restart Windows 10 or not, the procedure to resolve this issue will be quite similar. To fix your corrupted Registry, there are a few different methods.

This post will cover various topics, including restoring the Registry to a prior state, scanning and repairing the Registry, modifying Windows 10, and more. Starting with the most reliable approach, this post will introduce other options as well.

Suppose the first technique fixed your corrupted Windows 10 registry, great. Otherwise, move on to the following solution until your problem is gone.

So, How To Fix Registry Windows 10?

Solution 1: Repairing Windows 10

The first method is one of the most popular methods to fix corrupted registry Windows 10 is usingWindows RE, also known as Windows Recovery Environment mode. You can enable Windows RE mode without starting Windows normally and conduct the auto repair process.

To repair Windows 10 registry, follow the guides outlined below:

  • Step 1:

The initial step is to start Windows Recovery Environment mode on your computer. To enable that, turn on your PC. Once you see the error or the log-in screen appears, press the power button, also called the Force Shut Down, in more than five seconds.After your computer has turned off, conduct the Force Shut Down process 2-3 times until the screen shows Preparing Automatic Repair. Wait for your PC to complete the diagnostic and switch to Windows RE mode.

fix Registry Windows 10

Notice: If your laptop shows Windows RE mode on the initial try, do not restart your laptop again when RE mode is on.

  • Step 2

When the diagnostics finish, you will get a tab below including two options: Shut Down and Advanced Options. Choose the latter.

fix Registry Windows 10
  • Step 3

The next box offers you three following choices. Click on Troubleshoot.

  • Step 4:

Following, select Advanced Options in the next dialog.

  • Step 6:

There will be another six options to select. Choose Startup Repair from the drop-down menu.

This will take you to the repair screen, where Windows conducts its initial diagnostic and then corrects any problems it finds. If this is the case, the tool will show that your mistake has been resolved. If an issue is detected and Windows RE is incapable of solving it, you will be notified.

When the Windows RE tool reports that the error has been solved, restart the computer normally. If it does not work, try the following technique, which involves resetting Windows 10.

Solution 2: Using A Registry Cleaner Software (Third-Party Program)

There are various Registry Cleaner applications available on the Internet. Some will charge a small fee to run the cleaning process, whereas others cost no money. You can select one that suits your needs. Here are a few recommendations that you can pick:

  • Regsofts Free Registry Repair
  • iolo System Mechanic
  • Restoro
  • Advanced SystemCare
  • CCleaner

This article will show you how to use Regsofts Free Registry Repair. Keep in mind that this instruction serves as a reference. It is fine to choose another software.

  • Step 1:

Install Regsofts Free Registry Repair program.

  • Step 2:

Once you have downloaded the software, launch it on the computer.

  • Step 3:

Click Full Scan to run the scanning registry error process.

fix Registry Windows 10
  • Step 4:

After the scanning process has been completed, choose Fix Errors to solve all the registry errors.

fix Registry Windows 10

Although a Registry Cleanup tool hardly gives out a significant outcome, it does not hurt to try giving it a shot as it has helped some people resolve corrupted registry in Windows 10.

Solution 3: Restoring Registry Backup To Repair Registry Windows 10

This procedure helps restore the Registry to a prior state when the computer was operating normally. To do so, you will first check to see if any changes were made to your PC’s registry that could have caused it to become corrupted.

If there are any changes, you will need to restore the computer to its previous point. This technique is also known as using the secret Registry backup to restore your PC to a previous state.

For this restore method, start your computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. To use this approach to fix a broken Registry in Windows 10, carefully follow the steps below:

  • Step 1:

Firstly, turn on your PC. Once it is on, instantly press the ESC or F8 key several times until you have the Advanced Boot Menu.

Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option. You may be prompted to log in as an administrator. Log in with your username and passcode (must have Administrator rights). With Command Prompt open, your computer will start with Safe Mode.

fix Registry Windows 10
  • Step 2:

Secondly, you need to look over which hard drive contains your Windows installation. Usually, Windows will be in drive C:, D: or E:. Just say C: is the drive having your Windows OS.

  • Step 3:

Thoroughly check all activities lately in the Windows system. To do this, open Command Prompt and type the commands below one by one. Remember to click Enter after each order:

cd /d C:\windows\System32\config

xcopy *.* C:\RegBack\

cd RegBack


fix Registry Windows 10

Notice: If your Windows is installed in a different drive, replace the letter C with the drive name that contains your Windows.

Details of changes performed to/by any Software, System files, or SAM files will be extracted. Examine the date of the changes that appear to see whether a recent update has resulted in a corrupted Registry in Windows 10. If yes, proceed to the next stage; otherwise, if the modifications were made a long time ago, stop here.

  • Step 4:

Type the commands below in Command Prompt line by line. Press Enter after finishing each command.

copy /y software ..

copy /y System ..

copy /y Sam ..

  • Step 5:

After the process is done, restart your computer in normal mode. This would certainly improve the problem since it has previously assisted many users in repairing the Registry in Windows 10.

If the Windows 10 registry repair Command Prompt method does not work, take a look at the next solution.

Solution 4: Running SFC Scan

SFC Scan, known as System File Checker, is a built-in program in Windows 10. SFC Scan helps scan the system file for faulty ones.

It also repairs any files that are identified as needing repair. You can perform a scan across your PC with this utility, and it will scan corrupt files in your Registry and fix them immediately if detected.

  • Step 1:

Turn on your PC. Once it is on, press the F8 or ESC key a few times until the Advanced Boot Menu appears.

Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option. You are likely to be asked to log in as an administrator. Log in with your username and password (Administrator rights). With Command Prompt open, your computer will start with Safe Mode.

  • Step 2:

Open Command Prompt by typing “Command Prompt” in the Search tool. Choose Run as administrator.

fix Registry Windows 10
  • Step 3:

In Command Prompt, type this command and click Enter:

sfc /scannow

fix Registry Windows 10

The scan will begin processing. Be patient as the SFC scan will take a moment to finish. After the scan, restart your computer in normal status to see whether the corrupt Registry issue appears.

If the flaw still exists, there are a few more steps you will need to take. There is a likelihood that the SFC scan will not be able to repair all of the corrupt system files. A DISM Scan, or Deployment Image & Servicing Management Scan, will be required. This scan fixes corrupt system files that prevented the SFC scan fix from finishing its job.

Start the computer in Safe Mode using Command Prompt to execute a DISM scan. In the Safe Mode Command Prompt, type the this command:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

fix Registry Windows 10

If the Registry error still persists, try this following solution.

Solution 5: Resetting Windows 10 (Without Data Loss)

If all the mentioned methods did not work, here is a certain solution to fix registry errors Windows 10. You will reset Windows 10, and it will be reset as if it were brand new, with no Registry errors.

Although this is an excellent technique for repairing a corrupted Registry, most users are hesitant to try it out for the first time. The reason for this is that once you reset Windows 10, so are all of the Windows settings  and the applications installed on your PC.

However, you always ensure that your personal files are not erased. Personal files mean those are saved in other drive discks, not the one that has your Windows installed.

So, unless you are afraid of losing your current applications, you can use this solution by following the guides below:

  • Step 1:

Power on your computer. As you see the error or the login screen shows up, use the Force Shut Down technique.

After your computer has turned off, you have to repeat the Force Shut Down process about 2-3 times until the screen displays Preparing Automatic Repair. Wait for your PC to finish the diagnostics and switch to Windows RE mode.

  • Step 2: 

When the diagnostics complete, you will receive two options. Choose Advanced Options.

  • Step 3: 

The next tab offers you three following choices. Click on Troubleshoot.

  • Step 4:

Choose Reset this PC in the Troubleshoot menu.

  • Step 5:

In this step, choose Keep my files.

fix Registry Windows 10
  • Step 6:

Your computer is now ready for a Windows 10 reset. Follow the directions from Reset Wizard to conduct the reset process.

Don’t rush; give your PC a few minutes to complete Windows reset. After the reset is done, try logging into your laptop normally to see if the damaged Registry error still appears.


Registry in Windows systems is a vital and delicate component that must be handled with caution. If you come across an article or advice suggesting manually tweaking the Registry, you need to carefully check if it is a validated process before proceeding.

If you cannot fix Registry Windows 10 errors yourself, don’t forget that you are entitled to ask your computer manufacturer’s customer service to help with registry repair Windows 10 matters.

Hope this article has given you a satisfying answer to your question “How to fix registry Windows 10?”. Feel free to let us know which solution is the most effective.


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