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How To Fix An Error Err_Name_Not_Resolved – Detailed Instruction

Having an error Err_Name_Not_Resolved with your Androids devices? Head to our article below to find out the solution in detail! Scroll down to read!  

Since the birth of Google Chrome in 2008, this web browser has quickly become one of the fastest and most popular internet tools to use. Although this unit has many advantages, it sometimes brings users several drawbacks, such as Err_Name_Not_Resolved error. In this article, we will walk you through solutions of how to solve this issue in detail and some extra interesting information that is especially helpful for beginners. Let’s get started!

What Is Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error? 

Many users might see this error pop up on your desktop screen. But you may not know what is it about, right? Let’s have a closer look at this issue! 

When your computer has an “err name not resolved” problem, it means something is wrong with your domain. In other words, the web browser can’t find your IP address which is matched with its domain name. Therefore, you are unable to access the websites.

In our opinion, the err_name_not_resolved DNS can happen to any browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. However, the message will be displayed a bit differently if you are using the Chrome browser. There are a few reasons for this error name not resolved

  • Configuration error on your computer, Google Chrome browser, or the websites you want to access 
  • Router issue 
  • Problem of malware or security software 

Whatever the cause is, let’s move to our second part to learn more about the solution for this error! 

How To Fix Err_Name_Not_Resolved Error-Details Instruction 

There are many ways you can try to figure out the solution for this issue. Some of them will help you solve the problem from the root. Details as following: 

Restart Your Router 

One of the simplest ways you can try is restarting your router as the disconnection can cause the net::err_name_not_resolved too. Although you see no issue with your network connection, restart to check if it gets improved. All you have to do here is cut off the power source for approximately 30 seconds, then reconnect it again. If the situation gets better, it means the router was the cause. 

Change The DNS Server Settings For Your Internet Connection 

If your error is net err_name_not_resolved, then we suggest you change the setting of your DNS server. Details as below:

  • Go to the Wi-fi setting and press long on the network name!
  • Choose to modify the network option!
  • Change the network to the Static option. The detailed DNS numbers as in the photo: 
Adjust the DNS numbers as required 
  • Restart your device and reopen the website in a browser! 

Clear Browsing Data 

Well, browsing data contains records of websites that you have come over, such as URL, names, even the cache, cookies, etc. These data somehow slow down the browser, and it can be the reason that you can’t access websites. 

Clearing the browsing data can solve this DNS issue 

Therefore, clearing the browsing data might be the solution for the err name not resolved error. Here are steps that you should follow:

  • Choose the three dots on the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome. 
  • Click on the more tools option before deleting the data. 
  • In the advanced tab, choose data that you want to clear 
  • Lastly, press on delete data to accomplish the process 
Сhoose the data that you need to delete 

You also can delete the Chrome Host Cache. Do the same as clearing the browsing data, but choose New incognito window instead of More tools. Then press the combination of Ctrl, Shift, and N keyboards for the new window. Here type down the order statement: “chrome://net-internals/#dns”. Press on the Enter key to finish the process! 

Try To Check Off Preloading Pages In Chrome Settings

Chrome settings can cause the err_name_not_resolved too. Therefore, you are advised to turn off this browser feature for 30 seconds to see if the problem is solved on your device. First, log in to the setting menu (the three dots) within Google Chrome! Then, head directly to the privacy field to reload the pages for faster searching and browsing functions. 

Preload the pages for faster searching and browsing 

The last step is restarting your Chrome and see if the problem is solved completely

Boot Your Android Device In The Safe Mode 

Another simple way you can try is booting your Android device in the Safe Mode. If the error disappears, it will likely be the issue is rooted in newly installed applications such as antivirus programs, cleaners, and internet booster. All you can do here is uninstall and reinstall these applications. If the issue appears again, it means you should delete the apps completely.  Check The Antivirus Software 

Sometimes, this error is caused by malicious software that you are using. Malware software could do many things with your systems without your perception, such as changing your DNS server configuration or preventing your domain name. 

Therefore, check the antivirus programs you are using to see whether it affects your system negatively. You can use antivirus scan tools in this case as it will give you a high chance of resolving the error. 

Restore Your Chrome App To Factory Version 

Our last suggestion today is to restore the Chrome application to your computer. First, go to the Application field on your device. Then, find the Chrome icon in the list. It will be a bit complicated here. Now, disable your Chrome app, and choose the factory version when your device asks for replacing this app. After this, your application will be uninstalled totally. 

Replacing chrome app with  the factory version 

Be noted that the issue might appear when your Chrome update again. Therefore, don’t forget to check if the issue comes back after enabling your Chrome again. 

The Bottom Line! 

The error err_name_not_resolved can happen to any computer at any time. And this issue is quite complicated to fix if you don’t know anything about Information Technology. Via this article, we hope you have had an overview of this DNS-related problem, and the mentioned detailed instruction has guided you to solve it with ease. If there is anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to write us a message! Good luck! 

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