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Copy And Paste Not Working Windows 10 – Quick Fix

Some Windows users are complaining about copy and paste not working Windows 10 errors on their computers.

It will certainly be a bug bear when some activities on your PC suddenly fail to function, especially if you use them frequently. 

Do not worry because we will show 7 easy ways to fix when you encounter copy and paste that is not working on your Windows 10 computer. Let’s deep dive into the guide below.

The Origin Of Issue

Before you want to find how to fix copy and paste Windows 10, let’s get to know the issue and its cause, which will help you resolve it more easily.

As you know, whenever you copy an image or a piece of text, they are saved into a clipboard that you cannot see. When you copy, it will automatically paste from the temporary clipboard. 

If copy and paste are not working, it’s most likely due to those services of the clipboard. 

Besides, for some Windows 10 operations, restarting solves the problem quickly. But if you still can’t copy and paste Windows 10, try some of the solutions listed below.

Solution 1 – Using System 32 Folder

The first way might be complicated, but it is common and highly successful. 

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to find File Explorer.
  • Step 2: Then access the C drive, go to the Windows 32 system folder and search by typing “rdpclip.exe” in the bar on top.
  • Step 3: Next, select “rdpclip.exe” with a right click and opt for Run As Administrator.
  • Step 4: Search “dwm.exe” in the text frame similarly to step 2.
  • Step 5: Choose “dwn.exe” and Run Administrator as step 3.
  • Step 6: Finally, restart your Windows 10 operation. 

In case you still find this recommendation not effective, please move to the next solution.

Solution 2 – Reset The rdpclip.exe Process

Perhaps you are still a bit confused by the phrase “rdpclip.exe” after the first way, so what exactly is it? It is the advancement that enables file copying in Windows operation. 

To resolve the error of being unable to copy and paste in Windows, restart “rdpclip.exe”. Whether this method might be similar to the above way or not? Follow these steps to find out the answer:

  • Step 1: Open Task Manager by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del or tap on the taskbar and pick Task Manager as illustrated below. 
copy and paste not working Windows 10
  • Step 2: Select the Details tab in the Task Manager window. 
  • Step 3: Conduct a search and right-click on the “rdpclicp.exe” process. 
  • Step 4: Click End task to turn off this process.
copy and paste not working Windows 10
  • Step 5: Move to file then click Run new task to restart the process. 
copy and paste not working Windows 10
  • Step 6: Finally, write “rdpclip.exe” as shown below; make sure that you do not forget to tick into the sentence beneath the dialogue box, then press Ok.
copy and paste not working Windows 10

An alternative method of doing this through Command Prompt

Apart from the way above, you can also reset “rdpclip.exe” by another way below:

  • Step 1: Firstly, open this by pressing Start Menu on the lower-left corner of the desktop, then search for “Command Prompt”. Besides, you can launch it by typing “cmd” on the search bar as in the picture beneath.
copy and paste not working Windows 10
  • Step 2: Next, click Run As Administrator.
copy and paste not working Windows 10
  • Step 3: Type this text in the box of Command Prompt, then press Enter.
copy and paste not working Windows 10

This step is to end the “rdpclip.exe” process.

copy and paste not working Windows 10

Then you write “rdpclip.exe” and press Enter. This command will restart the process.

copy and paste not working Windows 10

Solution 3 – Use The “echo off” Command On Command Prompt

This technique is similar to solution 2. If you are not successful there, try another tip by the following manipulations. 

Step 1: You also need to look for Command Prompt then Run As Administrator like step 1, step 2 at the second solution.

copy and paste not working Windows 10

Step 2: Type this command in the box. Close this window and verify that the copy and paste capability is again operational. 

copy and paste not working Windows 10

 Reset your computer if it does not work and try again.

copy and paste not working Windows 10

Solution 4 – Restart Windows Explorer

As we mentioned above, one of the common causes of Windows 10 copy and paste not working error is your Windows explorer. Now, we will show you the details to restart it.

  • Step 1: Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc at once on your keyboard.
  • Step 2: Find the option “Windows Explorer”.
  • Step 3: Click on “Windows Explorer”, then select Restart among options.

However, remember that this solution is a temporary guideline because you will risk facing copy and paste not working again.

copy and paste not working Windows 10

Solution 5 – Check Individual Applications

Sometimes, the problem of copy and paste not working might also be individual applications. Therefore, try to check if this function works on these apps or not.

If the problem is limited to a few programs (or perhaps just one), troubleshoot the program accordingly.

Solution 6 – Disable The Antivirus Program Temporarily

It is critical to use strong antivirus softwares, yet they might sometimes cause the problem of copy and paste to emerge.

To resolve the issue, disable specific antivirus features and see whether it is helpful or not. If it still does not work, you must disable your antivirus program completely. Even eliminate it forever.

Then, you can consider installing an alternative antivirus program.

Solution 7 – Hardware And Devices Troubleshooter.

After trying some previous ways, if you don’t see copy and paste work on Windows 10, check whether the hardware and devices are fine or not by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Press Start Menu on the left corner of the desktop, then go to Settings. Another fast way to open it is by pressing the combination key Windows + I.
  • Step 2: Click to Update & Security section, then choose Troubleshoot.
  • Step 3: Next, choose Hardware and Devices to fix problems with devices and hardware
  • Step 4: Reboot your PC to check the results one more time.


To conclude, copy and paste are the basic manipulations when working with data; therefore, if you have trouble with copy and paste not working Windows 10, the list of solutions mentioned above will be useful for you.  

Wish you success in fixing the error!


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