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How To Clear Windows Update Cache – A Comprehensive Guideline

What is easier than dealing with Windows update problems by clearing the Windows update cache? Obviously, it is the most convenient way to deal with such issues. But do you know how to clear Windows update cache? If you are looking for a guideline about it, you have found the right place! Let’s follow these simple steps in this post to reset Windows updates cache easily. Scroll down for more!

Clear Windows Update Cache By Resetting Windows Update Auto Update Client

Restarting Windows update Auto Update client may be an effective way to reset Windows 10 update cache. Continue reading to learn more about the steps to do it!

STEP 1: Press the keystrokes of Windows key and X.

STEP 2: Choose “Window Powershell (Admin)” to be given access to the Powershell Window as an administrator. Now you have the right to edit the content in the folder.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 3: Copy-paste (or type) the command. Press “Enter,” and your Windows Update AutoUpdate Client would be updated. By this simple way, you have almost done your quick update!

clear Windows update cache

STEP 4: Close the window. The most complicated step is over!

STEP 5: Next, reset the computer. Check whether Windows works or not.

It is the answer to the question: How to clear windows 10 update cache by resetting Windows update auto-update client? Read on for more information on resetting the contents of the software distribution folder.

Clear Window Update Cache By Resetting Contents Of Software Distribution Folder

Another way to deal with Windows 10 clear update cache is deleting the elements in the Software Distribution Folder. It is a much more complicated way. If you have tried the first way, but it seems unsuccessful, let’s try this one!

STEP 1: Open the search box, type “cmd.” 

STEP 2: Now, right-click on “Command Prompt.” Then choose “Run as administrator.” Similar to the steps mentioned above, you now have the right of an administrator. It means you could edit the content the way you want.

STEP 3: Suspending the service which has been updated is a must. Following this, just copy-paste the commands:

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver

It is a little bit different from the ordinary word. Don’t challenge your mind to remember it! Just copy-paste. Moreover, remember to press “Enter” after typing each line to execute the commands.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 4: Now, let’s press Windows Key + R to run the commands. You have done half of the work. Wait until the commands finish running and move to the next step.

STEP 5: At this stage, you now have the right to give access to the Download folder; paste this line “ C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” to the Run window. Then press “Enter.”

clear Windows update cache

STEP 6: It is time to select all the stuff in the folder (you can press the keystrokes of Ctrl and A for convenience). Delete it by hitting the command of Delete on your keyboard. Now you have removed the contents of the Software Distribution folder.

STEP 7: Your address bar will have the line of SoftwareDistribution; click on it! You will head back to the Software Distribution folder.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 8: Could you see the DataStore on the screen? Let’s click on it twice to access it.

STEP 9: Follow the similar way with step 6 – select all the folders. Delete all the stuff in it. Such an easy way, right?

STEP 10: At this time, click on PostRebootEventCache.V2 twice to open the folder again.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 11: You have to make sure that the folder is free. If yes, let’s empty it before coming to the next step.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 12: Have you emptied the folder yet? Good job, now, similar work for you: press the keystrokes of Windows and R to open Run.

clear Windows update cache

STEP 13: Yes, type cmd again. However, you have to do the bonus step: combine Ctrl + Shift + Enter together.

Now the Command Prompt will be open. Don’t worry; you already have administrator rights. Now you can edit your laptop right away!

STEP 14: We know that you hate doing the same work. But believe us, it is useful for you; let’s type the commands again:

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver

Again, don’t challenge your mind! Just copy-paste it and remember to press “Enter” after pasting these lines to the folder.

STEP 15: Close the Command Windows. Yes, you are almost done!

STEP 16: Reset your computer and say “Hooray!” because your problem is quickly fixed.

Clear Windows Update Cache: Conclusion

We guess that now you’ve learned how to clear Windows update cache to fix the Windows update issue. Remember to try the former way first because it is much easier and more convenient for you. But if the first one did not work out, do not hesitate to jump to the second method!

If you have any problems, feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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