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How To Change TeamViewer ID – Detailed Solutions

Using TeamViewer to work remotely but don’t know how to change TeamViewer ID yet? Head to our interesting article below to find out more. Let’s get started!

Though TeamViewer has become a well-known application that helps people work remotely and more conveniently, there are limitations when you use the trial version of this app. Specifically, it may require you to change the verified numbers. 

That’s why today’s article will guide you on how to change TeamViewer ID in detail. You may also find a lot of interesting information here. Scroll down to read!

TeamViewer ID 

TeamViewer is an application that allows Internet users to access remote desktops freely. One of the greatest features of this tool is it is available on a wide range of operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows, and different sorts of mobile devices. 

TeamView Types 

There are two types of TeamViewer versions that you should know: 

– Free version (non-commercial): This package of TeamViewer is used for home and with the small numbers of computers connection 

– Paid version (commercial): With this version, there is an unlimited number of PCs and the duration of the sessions involved. Users have to pay for this one. 

There are various ways to download the TeamViewer, but the access method is the same for every remote desktop. Furthermore, each TeamViewer account provides a unique ID number. These numbers are stuck to your devices and never change. 

The question is, if you upgrade or reinstall the program, will the number fluctuate? The answer is a “No”. By using people’s TeamViewer ID, you can intrude on their computers with ease. And people who have these numbers also can access your devices. 

change TeamViewer ID

TeamViewer application 

We really like the TeamViewer application because this program possesses many positive features, and we can use it for free. After accessing other computers using this tool, users can implement any operations like remote printing, opening or shutting computers remotely, and joining video, text, voice conversation. 

However, there are negative sides to this tool too. Users can’t use the commercial version for completely free, and they will have to pay for it. There is still a rare possibility that the ID numbers change suddenly following the configuration changes. So watch out for this case!  

Changing The Type Of TeamView  

Most users approach new applications by trial versions to see whether it works well with their devices. The same with this program! Many customers have told us that they started using the trial version, and they liked it a lot. However, after a time of use, this version will expire. So how to do TeamViewer trial expired fix and how to change TeamViewer from commercial to personal use? We will explain more to you in this part.  

Step 1: Make sure you are using the free version of TeamViewer. If the commercial version is still available on your computer, remove it by deleting the folders and registry. 

Step 2: Go to Programs and features to uninstall the TeamViewer. 

change TeamViewer ID

Uninstall the TeamViewer application 

Step 3: Press on the combination of Windows and R keyboards, type in %Appdata% 0, then choose the okay button to delete the folder. Next, remove the directory C:\Program Files\TeamViewer and the registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer and Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TeamViewer.  

change TeamViewer ID

Removing the TeamViewer folders 

Step 4: Reboot your device before installing the TeamViewer free version. 

If this method doesn’t help, then you better try to reset the TeamViewer ID, which will include the following factors:  

– The media access control (MAC) address of the network card 

– The VolumeID of partition disk 

– The creation time of Program files 

How To Change TeamViewer ID – Solutions

TeamViewer application is available for different computer operating systems. And to change its ID on each system, you are required to do various steps. In this part, we will walk you through steps on how to reset TeamViewer Id in Windows, Linus, and Mac OS. Let’s have a closer look at it one by one!    

Reset TeamViewer ID in Windows  

The TeamViewer program is available on most Windows versions. To reset its ID, you need to follow a few steps. Details as below: 

First, you need to uninstall the current TeamViewer.exe process, then delete the ID from the registry. There will be two options for you to choose from: 

– If you are using Windows x84, open the regedit.exe file, then head to the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\TeamViewer\Version[X] before deleting the DWORD value ClientID 

– If you are using Windows x64, you can erase value ClientId from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TeamViewer\Version[X]

After that, check whether the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer exists; you will need to delete it. 

Users are suggested to download and use the NirCMD application to change the creation time of the Program Files folder. To do so, run the order statement in command prompt: nircmdc.exe setfilefoldertime “C:\Program Files” now. 

change TeamViewer ID

Changing the creation time of Program files 

For media access control (MAC) editing, you can change it within the registry. First, open the command prompt, run the order statement: Ipconfig /all. 

change TeamViewer ID

Running ipconfig order 

Next, a screen will open on the desktop. Here, you should pay more attention to the two data: 

– LAN card description- Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection;

– Physical address-00-50-56-9E-FC-CB.

Then, head to the Registry Editor before moving to the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlClass\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}. After that, figure out the right key by browsing it, then look for the DriverDesc option. You also can find the specified name of your NIC there. In case users get the network card, they should verify the REG_SZ parameter, which is named NetworkAddress.

change TeamViewer ID

Edit the single digit in the MAC address 

Now, it is time to change the VolumeID, which is the unique number. These numbers are set during the formatting process. This editing can be done by using the tool. Here, you can use the command prompt to change the volume serial number to the new value 5E37-EC11.

change TeamViewer ID

Check the current volume number! 

Use the order statements to accomplish the process: 

Cd c:\users\root\Downloads\VolumeID

Volumeid.exe c: 5E37-EC11

change TeamViewer ID

Change the volume serial number. 

Finally, reboot and launch the app. And you will be given a new TeamViewer ID. 

Change TeamViewer ID on Linux 

Compared to Windows, the Linux operating system requires users to follow different steps to change the TeamViewer ID. 

Linux Debian 9

The instructions below are applying for Linux Debian 9. First, users have to uninstall TeamViewer and its su privileges before removing the file/var/lib/dbus/machine-id if it exists. Next, change the GUID:mc -e id.txt. Here, you can also edit the last character. Then, edit the physical address (MAC address): 

ifconfig eth0 down

ifconfig eth0 hw ether New_MAC_HERE

ifconfig eth0 up

nano /etc/network/interfaces 

After that, adjust the string: pre-up ifconfig eth0 hw ether New_MAC_HERE. Before installing the TeamViewer with a new ID, Reboot the operating system. 

Linux Mint Distro 

Different from Linux Debian 9, to reset the TeamViewer ID in Linux Mint Distro, you should follow these instructions: 

– Erase the TeamViewer using order statement: sudo dpkg -r teamviewer

– Remove the existed binding file: sudo rm /var/lib/dbus/machine-id

– Edit the NIC’s media access control address before setting up the TeamViewer again: sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_13.2.13582_amd64.deb. Run the order if the error of the system occurs: sudo apt-get install -f. 

– Reset client ID

In the last step, users have to follow a few more steps such as:

  • Stop the working of the TeamViewer daemon 
  • Delete its setting by using: rm -r ~/.teamviewer
  • Remove the file: folder /opt/teamviewer{TW_VERSION_Here)/config
  • Launch the TeamViewer daemon again.

Change TeamViewer ID on Mac OS 

Users might wonder how to change the ID of TeamViewer on the Mac operating system? We suggest they use GitHub with the following steps: 

– Download Github‘s script

– Shut down the TeamViewer process completely, and launch the script: sudo ./ 

– Restart your device

Be noted that this script can work on various versions of TeamViewer (Team Viewer 11, TeamViewer 12, and TeamViewer 13). If you want to use this program for personal purposes, make registration online to ask the TeamViewer team for a specific ID on your device. 

change TeamViewer ID

Sending a request to the TeamViewer team 

The process will take around from 3 to 5 days, and you will get support on your commercial account with ID. The TeamViewer team also can remove TeamViewer commercial use suspected. In this situation, you should purchase a license or use another free version for users. 

The Bottom Line! 

We have been using TeamViewer for years. Indeed, it makes working from home easier than ever. We hope this article is helpful to you, as it provides readers with methods of how to change TeamViewer ID on any operating system. Everything has its pros and cons, but we would consider the advantages of this application to outweigh its disadvantages. If you haven’t got this amazing tool on your computer yet, download one! And have a great time enjoying this program! 

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