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Windows 10

How To Fix Caps Lock Stuck Error On Windows 10?

Are you having trouble with the Caps Lock stuck problem? Why this error? How to troubleshoot it? This article below will solve your headache issues. 

After updating your computer’s old operating system to Windows 10, you will experience some keyboard problems. Some users also complain about the Caps Lock stuck error.

If you are also facing this common issue, don’t worry because we will help you solve it now. Let’s scroll down for the solutions. 

Why This Error? 

Caps Lock is stuck problem in Windows 10. What are the main causes of this error? Below are the answers. 

  • After updating the operating system, the keyboard driver may no longer be compatible.
  • The caps lock key might be paralyzed. This case is a bit tougher to solve because there can be many different and hardware-related reasons.
  • There may also be objects inserted into the Caps Lock key, dislodging the key.

How To Fix Caps Lock Stuck Error? 

After understanding the keyboard stuck on Caps error, it’s time to fix it. Here are some solutions to help you regain the normal function of the Caps Lock key. 

Solution 1: Restarting The Computer

This is the most common practice for most computer errors, so hopefully this can also be the solution to this problem. Let’s try it out!

Solution 2: Uninstalling And Updating Keyboard Driver

The old keyboard driver will no longer be compatible with the operating system which has been upgraded. To fix the Caps Lock stuck on Windows 10 problem in this situation, you should keep the keyboard driver up to date.

You can update the driver automatically or manually. But we recommend that you update automatically with Driver Easy to save time. It will automatically recognize your operating system and figure out the correct keyboard drivers for it if you don’t know exactly what OS your computer is running on.

  • #Step 1: Install Driver Easy into your computer. 
  • #Step 2: Open and click Scan Now. It will scan your device and identify any problem drivers.
Caps Lock stuck
Install Driver Easy
  • #Step 3: Tap on the Update option of the title: HID keyboard Device or click on Update All. It will automatically find and install the correct versions of all missing or outdated drivers on your operating system. 
Caps Lock stuck
Update drivers
  • #Step 4: Restart your device. 

Solution 3: Using Advanced Key Settings

You can also fix the stuck on Caps Lock error via Advanced Key Settings.

  • #Step 1: Open Settings via search box or pressing Windows + I simultaneously. 
  • #Step 2: Next, select Time & Language. 
Caps Lock stuck
Select Time & Language
  • #Step 3: Next, select the Language option on the left side of the window. Then click on the blue line at the bottom of the box: Choose an input method to always use as default. 
Caps Lock stuck
Select language option
  • #Step 4: When the Advanced keyboard settings appears, click on the Input language hot keys option. 
Caps Lock stuck
Select Input language hot keys
  • #Step 5: Under the heading To turn off Caps Lock, select Press the SHIFT key option and then click on Apply. 
  • #Step 6: Hit the OK button to finish the process. 
Caps Lock stuck
Fix error

The Bottom Line 

We have recommended the three most effective ways to solve the Caps Lock stuck error on Windows 10. The causes of this problem are also explained to help you understand more about this technical issue. We hope that one of these solutions will be useful to restore your Caps Lock key functions. 

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