best free Karaoke software for your PC

13 Best Free Karaoke Software For Your PC You Should Try

Here is a list of the 13 best free karaoke software for your PC that you can download easily to nurture your passion for singing. 

In the 1970s, with the introduction of karaoke machines, the “Karaoke” term has swiftly become ingrained in popular culture and a popular form of entertainment in pubs, bars, and parties all over the world. 

At that time, karaoke machines were enormous, expensive, and they often came with one microphone with lyrics that roll on the screen. Today, anyone may get a similar experience for free at their home using a PC and the best karaoke software

Many karaoke programs are free to download and install on a Windows PC. They allow you to play karaoke at your home, act as an editor of karaoke and player, and play a wide range of formats of karaoke files. 

So, have a look at our recommendations for the best karaoke softwares and discover which one deserves a place on your PC.

List Of Top Best Free Karaoke Software For Your PC

We’ve compiled a list of 12 best programs and software for Windows that promise an ideal karaoke experience. Make sure to give them a try!

PC DJ Karaoki

If you’re seeking the best free karaoke software for your PC that will animate a gathering at your house, PC DJ Karaoki is an excellent option. It enables you to include karaoke songs, change the play settings, and plan a karaoke party in order.

PC DJ Karaoki includes a plethora of standard features such as history, singer rotation, screen display, and key control. Additionally, advanced features such as color customization, cloud integration, loading via drag-and-drop, and screen locking are available.

best free Karaoke software for your PC

This software only supports Windows and has simple-to-use features. You can also use the second screen to catch up with the lyrics of songs while adjusting the playlist on the primary monitor.

Link download:

KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player, specifically developed for Windows, is one of the top-rated karaoke software among music lovers. 

The best part is that it’s completely free! With an extensive collection of 28000 songs kept in cloud storage and a user-friendly interface, this application is sure to give you the best singing experience with your friends and family.

Moreover, it also has an offline sync option, so you can use it even if you don’t have access to the internet. The screen with two displays and the programmable keys that allow you to switch to a second monitor are features we particularly like.

best free Karaoke software for your PC

However, the capability to save all of your favorite songs instantaneously makes it become a top cost-free karaoke software. KaraFun Player also works with a variety of file formats, including MPEG, KAR, MID, and CD+G.

Link download:

Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke supports virtually all formats of multimedia and video currently available, including all popular formats such as MP3, KAR, and others. 

Designed specifically for Windows PCs, it’s among the best free karaoke software. It also gives you the option of recording your voice and performance.

Besides, the software includes microphone settings and input/output of high-quality audio, allowing you to turn your computer into a professionally designed karaoke. 

You can view the running lyrics in the complete-screen mode or transfer to live performance mode with no limits to the number of scores for a comprehensive musical experience.

best free Karaoke software for your PC

It also offers the option to make limitless playlists, audio options that allow you to alter the song’s pitch and tempo. Besides, high-definition playback with the fade-out effect is just a few of its outstanding features. 

Users can establish a vocalists’ list for those scheduled to sing, turn on the background soundtrack, and add jeer or clapping sounds to simulate a live show. It may also add other effects to your voice recordings, such as echo and chorus.

Link download:

One Karaoke

One Karaoke is a simple-to-use program designed exclusively for Windows PCs. It can play almost any file type, supporting popular file formats like WMA, AVI, WMV, and MP3.

What other features distinguish OneKaraoke as the best karaoke software for Windows users? It can work with both wired and wireless connection gear, such as keyboards and mice, to function in both directions. 

After downloading from Microsoft’s store, you’ll have access to the app’s song and MP3 music and the ability to upload your video to the app’s karaoke lyrics. All of this is made possible via a social networking site for karaoke that includes song lyrics.

best free Karaoke software for your PC

The high-definition MP3 audio, which includes supporting songs and lyrics, is an appealing feature. You can use it to record yourself performing to show off your talent, gain followers or just sit and watch videos created by others. 

OneKaraoke supports a wide range of music and video formats, including mp3, kar, mid, WMV, DAT, MPG, Avi, WMA, MOV, to name but a few. 

Link download:

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional, supported by a website called Power Karaoke, is a karaoke app for PC created with Windows in mind. It’s straightforward to use with a two-screen display and speedy music lookup, so you won’t have to wait long to sing your heart out.

Siglos comes with numerous functions for the best singing and entertaining experience. You can look for karaoke tunes on your computer, create your playlists, and alter the speed. 

It also supports an assortment of audio and video formats, including MP3G, MIDI, BIN. The display features singer rotation, speed and tempo change, history, and lyrics. The program best suits a club, small gatherings, or commercial purposes.

best free Karaoke software for your PC

Siglos allows you to have the best Karaoke experience without investing in an expensive machine. It has a two-screen display on which you can load all of your favorite songs for a wonderful karaoke session.

Link download

Just Karaoke 2

Just Karaoke 2 is a user-friendly digital karaoke program that works on both Windows and Mac. The program allows you to make a list of your favorite songs, research the singer’s history, and access a song catalog of nearly 7000 songs.

It includes a quick search feature and a plethora of exciting sound effects that will enhance your singing experience. 

Some long-term users find this free software an excellent tool for singing. Just Karaoke is, without a doubt, the best free karaoke software for Windows available.

Link download:

CDG Plug-In For Winamp

CDG is a Winamp plug-in and a Windows-only program. This program allows you to sing karaoke from your computer. 

Given the popularity of Winamp as a media player and that by utilizing the plug-in, users can enjoy karaoke without having to install any additional software. This sounds exciting for karaoke fans.

The most enjoyable part is that you can download it free of charge! All you have to do is set your CDG (mp3+G) files alongside your music file. A window will pop up with additional information. 

You can make a suitable music file that can be easily stored in the Winamp software. This plug-in appears as a bonus feature with the Winamp app.

Link download:


Walaoke is a computer-based karaoke player. You may play karaoke music files on your computer with the aid of this software. 

FLV, KAR, MP3+LRC, MP3+G, MPG, DAT, VOB, and MKV are among the file formats it supports. As a background, this player employs a camera or your own video. This freeware can be used with direct show filter codecs.

What’s more, users can play various music files and turn the prompted list on or off to play different ones. 

For male, female, and duet songs, there are distinct colored lyrics, so you won’t mess up the whole song by jumping into the wrong part. While Walaoke is exclusively compatible with Windows, it’s completely free and intuitive to navigate and use.

Link download:

Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player is for those who keep their music in various forms and then find it difficult to locate their favorite song. It lets you save all of your favorite scores on a single platform, making it easy to locate your tracks later.

This karaoke software for PC enables you to sing to your heart’s content whenever you want. The impressive aspect is that it supports all major formats of media files, such as DAT, MPG, MP3+G, MKV, MP4, ASF, RM, VOB, allowing you to unwind and take pleasure in the music.

Plus, the software runs stably and easily, and the users can add different media formats later if they want without buying any costly hardware.

Link download:

OkeOke is a free and open-source program, and it was developed for Windows only. Data storage on a drive, music lookup, keyword search, and access to the remote control to song selection. Besides, it supports major file formats with only a few of its principal features.

You can save many tracks to an external hard drive or record your music. If you’re an aspiring singer, you can also post them on other social media networks to attract viewers. This shareware is a wonderful way for people to listen to and sing their favorite audio tunes out loud.

On top of that, its file management capabilities allow you to record and distribute files. Once you’ve finished recording a song, you may save it as an MP3 file and share it with others using one of your online account folders. 

You’ll love the Google-style search engine that assists you in rapidly locating the song or file name.

Link download:

Karaoke Player

As its name implies, Karaoke Player is a straightforward piece of Windows PC software that quickly transforms into a system of karaoke. 

Even though the user interface isn’t particularly appealing, it’s extremely easy to use. While the plain design is not to everyone’s taste, it provides great musical entertainment once you log in.

With just a few steps, you can operate this application. The music is relatively clear and delivers a wonderful experience as you sing along. 

We love the superior sound production and how the lyrics are in harmony with the music and the screen. You can create your own MIDI and Kar-compatible music library. Karaoke Player is completely free and compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Link download

Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is a Windows application that is suitable for new and advanced users alike. 

In addition to working with major audio/video formats, the ability to broadcast live events and performances, split-screen display, as well as control of the mix are just a few of the features.

You can use this freeware to listen to karaoke audio songs on your PC. It’s a great way for you to enjoy and improve your singing abilities.

This simple Karaoke tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Like most competitors on the list, it can store and play various file formats to make sure you enjoy the entire singing session. It’s a fantastic synchronizer, and the lyrics are perfectly in sync. 

Karaoke 5 can help you transpose some messages by using the help of instant messaging and sending video files, jingles, applause, and a variety of equalizers.

It can produce MIDI, MP3, K5, and MP4 files. Karaoke 5 allows you to mix and match songs using Mix Controls, perform quick database searches, quickly search through musical karaoke bases, and arrange song lineups.

Link download:


TunePrompter is one of the free karaoke software for computers. You can use this free software to play video karaoke tracks and audio on your PC. This free software allows you to enjoy and practice your singing abilities. 

It shows the songs’ lyrics on the primary interface, then after reading them, you can effortlessly sing with the music. One of the significant aspects of this software is the ability to automatically search for lyrics, which saves much time.

TunePromoter not only has a very user-friendly interface but also syncing is a breeze. It supported for hardware, of Griffin Technologies’ iKaraoke which has since been discontinued. But you can use it to make your video files. It allows you to effortlessly produce and post karaoke videos as well as burn those videos on CD to your iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. 

Besides, this freeware enables you to easily and fast separate vocals from MP3 CD tracks or audio. As a result, you may transform any MP3 music track or audio into a song or karaoke with this freeware. In this manner, you can sing and listen to music at the same time.

Link download:


If you have a great microphone and computer, have a look at our list for the best free karaoke software for your PC. All of our picks come with a wide range of features and high-quality performance. 

They are either inexpensive or free, compatible with Windows, and able to give you a wonderful time to show off your talent and bond with your loved ones.


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